SentryOne Document Solution Items

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The SentryOne Document Solution Configuration tool allows you to add Solutions and Solution items to your SentryOne Document environment. Selecting to Add a Solution item opens the Add Solution item window. Each Solution item contains the following configurable options:

SentryOne Document Solution Configuration Tool Add Solution item window

Item NameThe name you want to give your solution item.
Source TypeThe type of solution item that you want to add to your solution. 
Only update this item as part of a manual snapshotSelecting this checkbox only updates the solution item when you choose to manually snapshot the solution.
Snapshot this item using a 32-bit processSelecting this checkbox uses a 32-bit process to snapshot the solution item. Note:  A more efficient 64-bit process is used to snapshot solution items by default. 

You can select from a variety of solutions to document, including the following:

Note:  If a Solution item provider isn't available for you to select in the Solution Configuration tool, your system may not meet the provider's system requirements. For information about the individual requirements to document a provider, see the System Requirements article. 

Unsupported: Hive (Beta) and Informatica PowerCenter (Beta) are not supported.

Note:  SentryOne Document exports HTML files only. This is applicable to all solution item types. See the Documentation Exports section of the Solutions Dashboard article for more details.

Filtering Solution Items

SentryOne Document allows you to control the amount of data you want to record within your solution items. Manage the data within new or existing solution items by using the Edit Filter button. Complete the following steps to filter your solution item:

1. Open an existing SentryOne Document Solution (or create a new one). SentryOne Document Open Solution

2. Select Add to create a new solution item, or select Edit to open an existing solution item.

SentryOne Document Add Solution Item
Add Solution Item

SentryOne Document Edit Solution Item
Edit Solution Item

3. Select Edit Filter to open the Configure filtering window for the selected solution item. SentryOne Document Edit Solution Item select Edit Filter

4. Select the object type(s) you want to exclude from solution item snapshot, and then select Next to continue. SentryOne Document Configure Filtering window Choose included types

Note:  A checkmark SentryOne Document Included Object indicatorindicates that the Object type is included in the snapshot. An X mark SentryOne Document Excluded object indicatorindicates that the object type is excluded from the snapshot. All Object types are included for the solution item by default.

Note:  The next page presents you with a tree diagram that represents the solution item snapshot.  You can select to exclude individual objects in this section.

5. Select to expand the solution item tree, and then select the object(s) you want to exclude from the snapshot. SentryOne Document Configure Filtering window Choose included and excluded items

Note:  Selecting an object at the top of a hierarchy automatically excludes the objects below the selected object.

SentryOne Document Configure Filtering window select to exclude items in hierarchy
SentryOne Document Configure Filtering window items excluded in hierarcy

6. Select OK to save your solution item filter. SentryOne Document Configure Filtering window select Ok to save filter