Database Mapper PostgreSQL

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Database Mapper PostgreSQL Database solution item icon

Database Mapper allows you to document databases across major versions of PostgreSQL. See the System Requirements article for details on prerequisites.

Note:  PostgreSQL is a database-level provider. Lineage is not generated for this solution item type.

Adding PostgreSQL

Add an PostgreSQL solution item to your Database Mapper solution by completing the following steps:

1. Select Add to add a new solution, or select Open to open an existing solution in the Configuration ToolDatabase Mapper Configuration tool Open Solution

2. Select Add to open the Add Solution item window. Database Mapper Solution Configuration tool Add Solution Item

3. Enter an item name, then select PostgreSQL from the Source type drop-down list.Database Mapper Add Solution Item PostgreSQL

4. Select PostgreSQL then enter a valid connection string. You can either copy and paste a connection string into the Configuration Tool or edit the individual values.

Database Mapper Add Solution Item PostgreSQL enter credentialsDatabase Mapper Add Solution Item PostgreSQL enter connection string

5. Select OK to add the PostgreSQL solution item to your Database Mapper solution.Database Mapper Add Solution Item PostgreSQL select Ok

PostgreSQL Solution Item Documentation

Additional Information: You need to take a snapshot of your solution and PostgreSQL solution item before viewing any documentation. For more information about taking a snapshot, see the Generating Documentation and Scheduling a Snapshot articles.

After adding a solution with your PostgreSQL solution item, and taking a snapshot, you are ready to view your documentation. 

Database Mapper Documentation PostgreSQL database examplePostgreSQL Documentation database example
Database Mapper Documentation PostgreSQL view examplePostgreSQL Documentation view example

Additional Information: For more information about the Documentation tab in Database Mapper, see the Documentation article.