SentryOne Document Generating Documentation

Product Availability: SentryOne Document is currently in a Pilot release status. Visit the pilot sign-up page to learn more and take it for a test drive!

After you have successfully installed the SentryOne Document remote agent and configured a solution (see the Getting Started article for instructions), you can use SentryOne Document to generate documentation. Generate documentation for your Solution by completing the following steps:

1. Log into SentryOne Document, and then select Solutions to open the Solutions Dashboard.

SentryOne Document Web Portal select Solutions

2. Select the Start Snapshot button for the desired solution, and then select OK on the Confirm Snapshot Request Prompt. 

SentryOne Document Web Portal Solutions Dashboard Start a Snapshot
SentryOne Document Web Portal Solutions Dashboard Confirm Snapshot Request

Note:  Your Snapshot Request is processed by the Remote Agent assigned to the Solution. The snapshot may take several minutes. View your Snapshot progress on the Task History page for the selected Solution.SentryOne Document Web Portal Task History for Solution

Once your documentation has finished generating, you can select View to open the Documentation page and drill down into your Solution's metadata. SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation page for Solution

For more information about the Documentation page in SentryOne Document, see the SentryOne Document Solutions Dashboard article.