Database Mapper Scheduling a Snapshot

Update: SentryOne Document is now SolarWinds Database Mapper (DMR). See the Database Mapper product page to learn more about features and licensing. Want to explore Database Mapper? An interactive demo environment is available without any signup requirements.

With SolarWinds Database Mapper, you can schedule snapshots to occur at a time of your choosing. This can be useful for automating the snapshot process, and to continually update documentation for your data sources at consistent intervals. For example, you may want to schedule a snapshot weekly for a dev server to document the changes that occur on a weekly basis. 

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To begin scheduling a snapshot for your selected remote agent, complete the following steps:

1. Open the Solutions dashboard, and select the Configure Snapshot button for the desired solution to open the Snapshot Configuration window. Copy the first snapshot command.

SentryOne Document Solutions Dashboard Configure Snapshot
SentryOne Document Snapshot Configuration window Copy first command line

2. Open the Database Mapper install directory, select SHIFT+ Right Click to open the context menu, and then select the Open PowerShell window here option.SentryOne Document File Directory Open Powershell window

Note:  In this example, the install directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\SentryOne\SentryOne Document Remote Agent. Database Mapper uses this by default.

3. Paste and execute the copied command. Go back to Database Mapper, then copy the second snapshot command.

SentryOne Document Execute Command in Powershell
SentryOne Document Snapshot Configuration window copy second command

Note:  You only need to copy the argument. You don't need to copy the whole statement including the .exe.

4. Open Windows Task Scheduler and select Action > Create basic Task to open the Create Basic Task Wizard.SentryOne Document Create Basic Task

5. Enter a name and description. Select Next to continue. SentryOne Document Basic Task Wizard Enter name

6. Select a task starting point and select Next. Configure your trigger, then select Next to continue.

SentryOne Document Basic Task Wizard select Trigger
SentryOne Document Basic Task Wizard configure Trigger

7. Select Start a program for the action, then select Next. Select Browse to open remote agent install directory, then select the SentryOneCommandLine.exe. Paste the previously copied Snapshot Configuration command in the Arguments box. Select Next to continue. 

SentryOne Document Basic Task Wizard Start a Program action
SentryOne Document Basic Task Wizard Configure Action

8. Select Finish to save your task.  

SentryOne Document Basic Task Wizard select Finish

Success: Your Database Mapper Snapshot is now scheduled!SentryOne Document Snapshot Scheduled