SentryOne Document Documentation

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SentryOne Document Documentation Page

SentryOne Document Documentation page

The Documentation page displays the most recent documentation for your selected solution by default. 

Note:  Select theSentryOne Document Configure Snapshot buttonConfigure Snapshot button for the desired solution on the Solutions dashboard to generate new documentation for that solution.

Opening the Documentation Page

Open documentation for your solution through one of the following methods:

Select SentryOne Document View Documentation buttonon the Solutions dashboard for the desired solution.

SentryOne Document Solutions Dashboard View Documentation
View Documentation from the Solutions Dashboard

SentryOne Document Documentation for Solution
Selected Documentation

Select the Documentation tab, then select the desired solution from the drop-down list.

SentryOne Document Documentation tab select Solution
Documentation tab select Solution

SentryOne Document Documentation selected solution
Selected Documentation

Displaying Documentation

On the Documentation page in SentryOne Document, you have complete control over your uploaded data. Display the data you want to see by completing one of the following steps:

Select to expand the nodes, then select the desired link from the documentation tree on the left of the page. 

SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation select link from tree
Expand nodes and select a tree link

SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation displayed
Tree link documentation displayed

Select a link in the documentation on the right to drill down into desired sections.

SentryOne Document Web Portal select documentation link
Select documentation link

SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation displayed
Documentation displayed

Changing Views

View your documentation at a specified point in time by completing the following steps:

1. Select the view button (Current Version) to expand the documentation view options. SentryOne Document Web Portal Change documetation view

Note:  The view button displays as Current Version, or a specified date and time depending on the selected view.

2. Select the Point in time view, then enter the desired time.

SentryOne Document Documentation Point In Time
SentryOne Document Documentation Point in Time select Time

3. Select OK to update the documentation. SentryOne Document Web Portal View documentation window Change Documentation View

Success: You are now viewing your historical documentation!SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation Historical view

Note:  Return to the current view of your documentation at any time by selecting the view button, then selecting CurrentSentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation View Current

Searching for Data

Search for specific metadata within your environment by using the Documentation page search bar. 

Enter a specific search term into the search bar, then select Search to display your results. SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation Search bar

Select a link from the Search results to display the data related to the search.

SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation Search results
Select Search link

SentryOne Document Web Portal Documentation Search results link
Search related content

Note:  Select Back to Last Search Results to return to the search results documentation page.SentryOne Document Documentation Back to Last Search Results

Comparing Documentation 

Use the SentryOne Document Documentation page to compare your documentation against previous snapshot versions, and see the changes made to your solution and solutions items over time. 

Documentation buttonDescriptionImage
SentryOne Document Documentation Version History buttonOpens the Version History for the selected object. Select two versions different versions, and then select compare to view any differences between the versions.SentryOne Document Documentation Version History
SentryOne Document Documentation Compare to Previous buttonOpens the Side By Side view for the selected object. The Side By Side view displays the last collected snapshot of the object, and the Current version of the object in an easy to view comparison screen. Select different versions on the Version History tab.SentryOne Document Documentation Side by Side View

If there have been changes made to your Solution, you can view these changes by completing the following steps:

1. Open the SentryOne Document Documentation page, then select a Solution.

SentryOne Document open Documentation page
SentryOne Document Documentation page select Solution

2. Navigate to the desired object through the solution explorer, or search for an object.SentryOne Document Documentation page select Object

3. Select Version History to open the Version History page. Select the object versions you want to compare, then select Compare to display the Side by Side View comparison.

SentryOne Document Documentation page select Version History
SentryOne Document Documentation Version History select Compare

Note:  In this example, the difference between the object versions can be seen in the SQL Statement. SentryOne Document Documentation Side by Side View

4. Select the Diff View tab to display the object with highlighted changes.SentryOne Document Documentation Diff View

Note:  Text that's crossed through in red is from the left side of the comparison, and text in green is from the right side of the comparison.