Workbench Licensing

Deprecated:  Starting in version 2021.8, DBA xPress is a free tool and no longer part of Workbench. This article is provided as a general guide for those still using Workbench products.

Update:  SolarWinds DBA xPress is now a FREE tool. In versions 2021.8 and later it is a standalone product and no longer requires a license.

Download:  See the DBA xPress product page to learn more.

Activating the Workbench

Activating the Workbench

Activate your DBA xPress License within the Product section of the Workbench Help tab. The Help tab manages licensing and version information.

Activate any SentryOne Workbench Product by completing the following steps:

1. Open the SentryOne Workbench, then open the Help page. SentryOne  Workbench Help tab

2. Select the product you want to activate, then select Register to open the Licensing window. SentryOne  Workbench Help Window select Register

3. Select an activation method, then select OK to continue.

SentryOne  Workbench Use an activation key
SentryOne  Workbench Activate manually without internet connection

Note:  Select Use an activation key if you already have an activation key and access to the internet. Select Activate Manually without Internet Connection if you need assistance from SentryOne's technical support team or do not have internet access.

Use an activation key

4. Paste or type the activation key within the appropriate textbox, then select Activate to complete the license activation. SentryOne  Workbench Use an activation key

Success: A valid license displays a green check after entering the activation key.

Activate without internet connection

4. Select Copy Details to Clipboard to copy the environment key. Send an email with the copied information to to obtain a manual key from support. SentryOne  Workbench Activate manually without Internet connection

5. Paste the manual key within the appropriate box, then select Activate to complete the activation process.

SentryOne  Workbench Activate manually without Internet connection

Once you have successfully activated your license, the licensing window displays a list of all the currently activated products in the SentryOne Workbench. SentryOne  Workbench Licensing Activation Complete

Activation Warnings

Activation Warnings

You may encounter the following warnings during the activation of the SentryOne Workbench:

Already Activated License

SentryOne  Workbench Licensing Activation Failed

This warning is due to the license previously being activated. Resolve this warning by completing the following steps:

1. Go to your SentryOne account management at Select My account to open the account manager.

SentryOne select My Account

2. Log in with your SentryOne account username and password. Go to the S1 TaskFactory/Workbench Licenses section, then select the product key you want to register.

SentryOne Log into Web Portal
Log into the S1 Portal

SentryOne select the Product License
Select the Product License

3. Select View Activations to open the Activated Environments for the license. Select the Environment key for the Environment you want to deactivate.

SentryOne select View Activations
View Activations

SentryOne select Deactivate
Deactivate Environment

Note:  After looking at this information, if you find a license that you can deactivate, you can deactivate it through the help page of the Workbench. If that user is no longer with the organization, you can contact through email with the Environment Identifier and Environment Key to deactivate the license.

Icon Locks

Locks On Icons

If your product is displaying a lock on the upper left hand corner of any of your feature's icons, you must purchase an activation license for that product. Purchase a license for the desired product through the SentryOne website.SentryOne  Workbench Icons Locked

Note:  You may see this after your trial period has ended and you have yet to activate your product.

Deactivating a License

Deactivating a License

You can deactivate your product in the SentryOne Workbench Help tab.

The licenses for the SentryOne Workbench are per machine. If another machine needs to run Workbench, then the second machine needs a license. You can move a license from an old machine to a new machine. Moving a license requires you to deactivate the license on the old machine before reactivating it on the new machine. Deactivate a license by completing the following steps:

  1. Open the SentryOne workbench, then open the Help page. SentryOne  Workbench Help tab
  2. Select the desired product, then copy the activation key to the clipboard. SentryOne  Workbench Copy Activation Key
  3. Select Deactivate for the product(s) you want to deactivate to open the Deactivate License prompt.
  4. Select Yes to deactivate the license. SentryOne  Workbench Deactivate License