Windows & Hyper-V

How to use performance analysis in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) for Windows computer type targets, including Hyper-V hosts.


 Windows & Hyper-V Overview
SQL Sentry supports monitoring Windows (& Hyper-V) targets even if the target does not have an active SQL Server installation.
Windows & Hyper-V Performance Metrics
Covers the various Windows & Hyper-V performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview in SQL Sentry.
 Performance Analysis Processes
Applies to : Windows, SQL Server, and SSAS targets when the target has Windows (meaning targets on Linux, AWS RDS, and Azure Managed Instance, for example, will not have this tab). It's only available for SQL Server when using the advanced sec...
 Performance Analysis Disk Activity
The Disk Activity tab provides a patented graphical disk analysis system that breaks down disk activity and latency at the controller, physical disk, and file level, highlighting bottlenecks at any point in a disk system.
 Performance Analysis Disk Space
Use the Disk Space tab to identify disk capacity issues, understand where various database files reside on the disk system, and to determine whether available disk space is being used optimally.