Using Database Mapper


Database Mapper Generating Documentation
How to generate documentation (request a snapshot) using Database Mapper.
Database Mapper Solutions Dashboard
How to use the Database Mapper Solutions Dashboard to manage uploaded solutions. Includes guidance on the documentation, solution items, and task history pages.
Database Mapper Solutions
Guide to creating and managing solutions in Database Mapper.
Database Mapper Solution Items
Guide to the solution item types available in Database Mapper as well as information on filtering solution items.
 Database Mapper Solution Aliases
Guide to adding and managing solution aliases in Database Mapper.
 Database Mapper Documentation
Guide to working with documentation generated in Database Mapper, including opening and displaying documentation, searching for data, and changing views.
 Database Mapper Lineage
Guide to navigating and using the lineage feature in Database Mapper.
 Database Mapper Data Dictionary
Complete guide to using the Data Dictionary feature in Database Mapper.
Database Mapper Using the API
How to use the Database Mapper API with the installed version of Database Mapper Software.