Using SQL Sentry

Guides for using SQL Sentry software in relation to the Environment Health Overview, favorites, schedules and targets, contacts, groups, and more.


 Environment Health Overview
The Environment Health Overview (EHO) is integrated into the dashboard of the Start Page. It provides an at-a-glance health status of your environment with a 100-point scale score.
Favorite Targets
The Favorites group is used to define a view of targets and instances specific to that individual SentryOne client.
Virtualization Node
The Virtualization node houses the support for VMware and Hyper-V virtualization options.
Object Groups
Object Groups are used when you need to apply similar policies to a set of objects that do not exist within the same hierarchical group in your SentryOne environment.
 Schedules and Windows
SentryOne employs extensive scheduling capabilities through its Schedules and Windows features that are managed through their respective nodes in the Navigator node.
 Contact Management
The Contacts node is used to create and maintain Users and Groups within your SentryOne environment. Users and Groups are created for notification purposes within the SentryOne Alerting and Responses System.
All Targets
The All Targets node is the root node of the SentryOne client and can be found in the top position of the Navigator pane. All targets that are registered across the entire SentryOne enterprise can be found within All Targets.