Using DBA xPress

Guides for using the data, schema, and command line tools and features of DBA xPress.


 DBA xPress Data Inspector
Guide to using Data Inspector, including creating scenarios, loading data sources, setting comparison options, comparing data, choosing synchronization data, creating action plans, and synchronizing.
 DBA xPress Data Space Analyzer
Guide to using Data Space Analyzer in DBA xPress display graphs about disk space usage.
 DBA xPress Data Surf
Guide to Data Surf in DBA xPress, including how to create and navigate data surfs, view data in a table to see how that data relates to other tables, and export customized graphs.
 DBA xPress Schema Object Browser
Guide to using the Object Browser in DBA xPress. Includes how to open and navigate the object browser, create and use filter trees, and match elements.
 DBA xPress Schema Inspector
Guide to using Schema Inspector in DBA xPress. Includes information on comparison scenarios, loading and comparing data sources, choosing objects, creating action plans, and synchronizing comparisons.
DBA xPress Schema Inspector Snapshot Tool
Step-by-step guide to creating snapshots of database objects as XML files that can be compared to other snapshots or live databases with the Schema Inspector Snapshot Tool in DBA xPress.
 DBA xPress Schema Surf
Guide to using and navigating DBA xPress Schema Surf to visualize the schema of your databases by tracking the dependencies between objects.
DBA xPress Command Line
Guide to using the command line feature of DBA xPress for comparing schemas and data.