Updated Articles

  1. SQL Sentry Release Notes

    Release notes for SentryOne software.
  2. SQL Sentry Portal Top SQL

    Guide to the browser-based Top SQL view in SentryOne Monitor (and the on-premises SentryOne Portal for SQL Sentry).
  3.  AWS RDS for SQL Server

    Overview of adding and monitoring an AWS RDS for SQL Server target via SQL Sentry.
  4. SQL Sentry Event Objects

    An event object is any job, task, or event type that can be managed using SQL Sentry. There are two general types of event objects, including active and status event objects.
  5. SQL Sentry Event Sources

    A SQL Sentry event source represents a unique instance of an event provider operating over a single event store connection.
  6.  SQL Sentry Enhanced Platform Installer

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SQL Sentry platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.
  7. SQL Sentry EPI Upgrade

    How to upgrade your SQL Sentry and SQL Sentry Portal installation using EPI commands.
  8. EPI Commands

    The available commands and flags for the Enhanced Platform Installer (EPI) version of SQL Sentry.
  9. SQL Sentry License Management

    How to apply, manage, and troubleshoot SQL Sentry licenses.
  10. SentryOne Power BI Content Pack for SQL Sentry

    This article walks through downloading, opening, configuring, and using the SentryOne Power BI Content Pack through Power BI Desktop