Updated Articles

  1.  Task Factory Data Cleansing Transform

    Guide to using Data Cleansing Transform in Task Factory to clean or alter data coming into the transform.
  2. SQL Sentry Portal Security

    Guide to security requirements and options available for controlling access to SQL Sentry Portal.
  3.  Database Mapper Data Dictionary

    Complete guide to using the Data Dictionary feature in Database Mapper.
  4.  SQL Sentry Installation

    Step-by-step instructions for installing all components of SQL Sentry.
  5. SQL Sentry License Management

    How to apply, manage, and troubleshoot SQL Sentry licenses.
  6.  SQL Sentry Actions Updated

    A complete guide to all of the available actions in SQL Sentry monitoring solution.
  7. Task Factory PDF

  8. SQL Sentry PDF

  9. Database Mapper Licensing

    Guide to licensing, license status, and data sources for Database Mapper.
  10. Plan Explorer PDF