Updated Articles

  1. Task Factory Common Errors Updated

    How to troubleshoot some common Task Factory errors, including SSIS.ReplacementTask and Task Factory items not showing up in the SSIS Toolbox.
  2.  Task Factory Upsert Destination Updated

    Guide to using the Upsert Destination and Oracle Upsert Destination in Task Factory.
  3. Task Factory Compression Updated

    Guide to using Compression Task in Task Factory.
  4.  Task Factory Secure FTP Updated

    Guide to using Secure FTP Connection Manager and Secure FTP Control Flow Task in Task Factory.
  5.  Task Factory REST Updated

    Guide to using Rest Source Connection Manager, Rest Source OAuth Connection Manager, Rest Source OAuth 2 Connection Manager, Rest Source, and Rest Destination in Task Factory.
  6.  Task Factory Email Updated

    Guide to using Email Connection Manager, Advanced Email and SMS Task, Email Source Delete or Move Messages Task, and Email Source in Task Factory.
  7. Task Factory Licensing Updated

    Information about Task Factory licensing,including the license manager and bundles.
  8. Task Factory Connection Managers Updated

    Instructions for adding Task Factory Connection Managers in Visual Studio.
  9. Upgrading Task Factory Updated

    Step-by-step instructions for upgrading or uninstalling your Task Factory installation.
  10. Installing Task Factory Updated

    Installation instructions for Task Factory.