Updated Articles

  1.  V Sentry Overview Updated

    V Sentry provides a unique view of resource utilization, allowing you to analyze network, CPU, memory, and storage performance for VMware hosts and their virtual machine.
  2.  Performance Analysis Disk Space Updated

    Applies to: SQL Sentry, BI Sentry*, V Sentry*, and Win Sentry* *The Disk Activity and Disk Space tabs are focused on database files. For Win Sentry it applies to VMware and Hyper-V hosts for vDisks and VHDX files, respectively. The tabs ...
  3.  DW Sentry Overview Updated

    For more information about DW Sentry pricing or downloading a trial, see the DW Sentry product page . The Azure SQL Data Warehouse Performance Monitoring Solution With DW Sentry, accelerate your return on investment by increasing your da...
  4.  Top Commands Updated

    The Top Command tab shows Analysis Services query level collection and any MDX, DMX, or XMLA commands that have run longer than one second.
  5.  SSAS Usage Totals Updated

    The SSAS Usage Totals tab provides information that can be used to determine what actions to take based on activity levels.
  6.  Data Grids & Filters Updated

    Overview On the different tabs in SentryOne, various types of grids are used to display data. The grids contain information applicable to the tab they are on. These grids are customizable and provide the user with a variety of organizational ...
  7.  DB Sentry Overview Updated

    For more information about DB Sentry pricing or downloading a trial, see the DB Sentry product page . DB Sentry helps you optimize performance by providing metrics you can use to better forecast resource allocation based on utilization....
  8.  APS Sentry Overview Updated

    Interested in learning more about APS Sentry pricing or downloading a trial? Visit the SentryOne APS Sentry product page . Data Movement Dashboard View important Microsoft APS activity, including key CPU metrics, elapsed time, rows proc...
  9. License Management Updated

    SentryOne is generally licensed per each individually monitored target. This includes products for Windows Server, SQL Server, Analysis Services, VMware, and Azure SQL DB. Win Sentry, and V Sentry can be licensed per core; this is most often used ...
  10. System Requirements Updated

    Guide to the minimum system requirements needed to install SentryOne software components. Included is SentryOne Client, SentryOne Monitoring service, and the SentryOne database.