Updated Articles

  1.  Advisory Conditions Updated

    Advisory Conditions are a Performance Analysis feature that allows for customized alerting based on performance counter metrics, query results, and duration of events.
  2. SentryOne Portal Configuration Updated

    The on-premises SentryOne Portal provides browser-based access to SentryOne views, including Health, Dashboards, Top SQL, and Actions.
  3.  Contact Management Updated

    The Contacts node is used to create and maintain Users and Groups within your SentryOne environment. Users and Groups are created for notification purposes within the SentryOne Alerting and Responses System.
  4. SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer Updated

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SentryOne platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.
  5.  SentryOne Installation Updated

    Installing SentryOne for the first time, or updating your SentryOne version.
  6. SentryOne Software Release Notes Updated

    Release notes for SentryOne software.
  7. Monitoring Service Logon Account Updated

    Warnings and Notes Running the Service Configuration Utility  is the only supported way of changing the stored monitoring service credentials. Changing the security account using the services applet in the Windows Control Panel causes...
  8. Forecasting

    How to configure and use the storage forecasting features in SentryOne.
  9. Advisory Conditions Pack

    Advisory Conditions allow you to create advanced performance alerting, enhanced change detection, and advisory rule sets.
  10. Data Capacity Planning

    Performance Analysis uses the SentryOne database to store all of the performance data it collects. Existing databases double in size if all of the existing SQL Servers watched by Event Manager are watched by Performance Analysis.