Updated Articles

  1. SQL Sentry Installation Recommendations Updated

    Guide to recommended settings and configurations for installing components of the SQL Sentry architecture.
  2. Task Factory System Requirements Updated

    The system requirements for Task Factory.
  3. SQL Sentry PowerShell Module Updated

    Introduction to the PowerShell module for SQL Sentry along with some example scripts.
  4.  Task Factory Trim Plus Transform

    Guide to using Trim Plus Transform in Task Factory to trim characters from the beginning and end of source data columns.
  5.  Task Factory Unpack Data Transform

    Guide to using Unpack Data Transform in Task Factory to output delimited, XML, or Json data contained within a single column source.
  6.  Azure SQL Database Overview

    How to monitor Azure SQL Database with SQL Sentry. See your DTU usage, vCore usage, database size, memory usage, SQL Waits, and more.
  7.  Monitoring Additional Targets

    When a target is added with full access, the SQL Sentry monitoring service collects Windows level metrics and provides you with full access to a performance analysis.
  8.  Performance Analysis Dashboard

    Overview of the SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Dashboard which provides a graphical representation of the monitored server activity through a variety of graphs.
  9. Manually Installing Task Factory on ADF

    Follow these instructions only if you are having difficulty installing Task Factory on Azure through the installer or if you had difficulty installing Task Factory with the Enabling Task Factory on Azure-SSIS IR in ADF instructions. These...
  10.  SQL Sentry Enhanced Platform Installer

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SQL Sentry platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.