Updated Articles

  1.  Getting Started with SQL Sentry Portal Updated

    An introduction to SentryOne Portal and how to access it in a browser.
  2.  Database Mapper Lineage

    Guide to navigating and using the lineage feature in Database Mapper.
  3.  Performance Analysis Top SQL

    In-depth look at the Top SQL query monitoring feature in SQL Sentry.
  4. Query Plans

    Guide to using the Query Plans tab in SQL Sentry Performance Analysis.
  5.  Performance Analysis AlwaysOn

    Guide to using the AlwaysOn tab in SQL Sentry Performance Analysis.
  6.  SQL Sentry Indexes

    Guide to using the SQL Sentry Indexes tab analyze index fragmentation, activity, and storage space.
  7.  Top SQL Runtime Stats

    Use Top SQL Runtime Stats for insight into the frequency and duration of the queries and procedures that are captured by SQL Sentry Top SQL.
  8.  Performance Analysis Disk Space

    Guide to the SQL Sentry Disk Space feature for SQL Server, SSAS, VMware, and Windows targets.
  9.  Performance Analysis Processes

    Applies to : Windows, SQL Server, and SSAS targets when the target has Windows (meaning targets on Linux, AWS RDS, and Azure Managed Instance, for example, will not have this tab). It's only available for SQL Server when using the advanced sec...
  10.  Performance Analysis Processes

    Guide to the Processes tab in Performance Analysis for Win Sentry, SQL Sentry, and BI Sentry.