Updated Articles

  1. Database Mapper Troubleshooting Updated

    Guide to using log files and troubleshooting error messages in Database Mapper.
  2.  Task Factory Email

    Guide to using Email Connection Manager, Advanced Email and SMS Task, Email Source Delete or Move Messages Task, and Email Source in Task Factory.
  3.  Task Factory Dynamics

    Guide to using Dynamics CRM Connection Manager, Dynamics CRM OData Connection Manager, Dynamics CRM Destination, and Dynamics CRM Source in Task Factory.
  4. SQL Sentry Portal Storage

    Support for the Storage  tab is currently in a preview status. It is available in version 2021.18 to those who are part of the feature preview program for this release. Storage The Storage view provides details about the disk space and...
  5.  Task Factory Excel

    Guide to using Excel Connection Manager, Excel Power Refresh Task, Excel Source, and Excel Destination in Task Factory.
  6. Add Users and Groups

    How to create and maintain users and groups for notification purposes in SQL Sentry.
  7. SQL Sentry PowerShell Module

    Introduction to the PowerShell module for SQL Sentry along with some example scripts.
  8. Task Factory Azure

    Guide to using Azure Storage Connection Manager, Azure ML Batch Execution Task, Azure ML Source, and Azure ML Destination in Task Factory.
  9. Task Factory Amazon

    Guide to using AmazonS3 Rest Connection Manager in Task Factory.
  10.  Task Factory Advanced Lookup Cache

    Guide to using the Advanced Lookup Cache Connection Manager and Transform in Task Factory.