Updated Articles

  1.  Task Factory Address Management Updated

    Guide to using Address Parse Transform, Address Verification Transform, and USPS Database Update in Task Factory.
  2. SentryOne Document Release Notes Updated

    Release notes for SentryOne Document.
  3. Task Factory Installation Updated

    Installation instructions for Task Factory.
  4.  Task Factory Expression Updated

    Guide to using Expression Task and Expression Editor in Task Factory.
  5.  SQL Sentry Indexes Updated

    Applies to: SQL Sentry This feature is disabled by default. It can be turned on by using the in-app wizard. Indexes Tab The Indexes  tab displays information about your tables and indexes that are collected by the SentryOne Fr...
  6. SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SentryOne platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.
  7. SentryOne Document Solution Items

    Guide to the solution item types available in SentryOne Document as well as information on filtering solution items.
  8.  SentryOne Installation

    Installing SentryOne for the first time, or updating your SentryOne version.
  9. License Management

    SentryOne is generally licensed per each individually monitored target . This includes products for Windows Server, SQL Server, Analysis Services, VMware, and Azure SQL DB. Win Sentry, and V Sentry can be licensed per core; this is most often use...
  10. SentryOne Document Lineage

    Guide to navigating and using the lineage feature in SentryOne Document.