Updated Articles

  1. Monitoring Service Logon Account Updated

    Changing the security account using the services applet in the Windows Control Panel causes the service to fail and isn't supported. The service appears to be running, but is unable to perform any work due to an encryption error. To only u...
  2. Task Factory PGP Updated

    Guide to using PGP Task in Task Factory to encrypt or decrypt a file using PGP encryption.
  3. Task Factory Installation Updated

    Installation instructions for Task Factory.
  4. SentryOne Document Solutions Dashboard Updated

    How to use the SentryOne Document Solutions Dashboard to manage uploaded solutions. Includes guidance on the documentation, solution items, and task history pages.
  5. SentryOne Document Generating Documentation Updated

    How to generate documentation (request a snapshot) using SentryOne Document.
  6. SentryOne Document Lineage Updated

    Guide to navigating and using the lineage feature in SentryOne Document.
  7. SentryOne Document Solution Aliases Updated

    Guide to adding and managing solution aliases in SentryOne Document.
  8. SentryOne Document Release Notes Updated

    Release notes for SentryOne Document.
  9.  Performance Analysis Top SQL Updated

    Applies to: SQL Sentry, BI Sentry, and DB Sentry The Top SQL tab lists all T-SQL batches, stored procedures (RPCs), and statement events collected for the current date range that exceeded the Minimum Duration specified in the Settings&nbs...
  10. SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer Updated

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SentryOne platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.