Updated Articles

  1. Task Factory Licensing Updated

    Information about Task Factory licensing.
  2. SQL Sentry License Management Updated

    How to apply, manage, and troubleshoot SQL Sentry licenses.
  3. SQL Sentry Forecasting Updated

    How to configure and use the storage forecasting features in SQL Sentry.
  4.  Task Factory Email Updated

    Guide to using Email Connection Manager, Advanced Email and SMS Task, Email Source Delete or Move Messages Task, and Email Source in Task Factory.
  5.  SQL Sentry Enhanced Platform Installer Updated

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SQL Sentry platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.
  6.  SQL Sentry Response Rulesets Updated

    Guide to using the response rulesets in SQL Sentry, including count based and time based.
  7.  Task Factory SalesForce.com Updated

    Guide to using SalesForce.com Connection Manager, SalesForce.Com Source, and SalesForce.Com Destination in Task Factory.
  8. Installing Database Mapper Software Updated

    How to install and upgrade the self-hosted version of SolarWinds Database Mapper Software.
  9. Plan Explorer Live Query Profile Updated

    Live Query Profiling allows for the capture and replay of live query execution data. When this setting is enabled, live query execution data is captured along with the actual plan.
  10. Plan Explorer Index Analysis Updated

    The Plan Explorer Index Analysis tab provides a sandbox environment for planning indexing strategy relative to a specific operation in a query.