Updated Articles

  1. SQL Sentry License Management Updated

    How to apply, manage, and troubleshoot SQL Sentry licenses.
  2. Removing Watched Server Objects Updated

    Enable watching and stop watching the targets within your server environment.
  3. Database Mapper System Requirements Updated

    System requirements as well as technology-specific permissions needed for Database Mapper.
  4. Installing Database Mapper Software Updated

    How to install and upgrade the self-hosted version of SolarWinds Database Mapper Software.
  5.  Database Mapper Data Dictionary Updated

    Complete guide to using the Data Dictionary feature in Database Mapper.
  6. Database Mapper Software IIS Bindings Updated

    Guide to updating the IIS Bindings and site settings for Database Mapper Software.
  7.  Database Mapper Getting Started Updated

    Instructions for installing, configuring, and activating a license for the remote agent, configuring a solution, and logging into Database Mapper.
  8. Database Mapper Release Notes Updated

    Release notes for SolarWinds Database Mapper.
  9. Task Factory Release Notes Updated

    Task Factory Release Notes for fixes and features.
  10.  QuickTrace™ Updated

    Guide to creating, running, and viewing a SQL Sentry QuickTrace to analyze server workload activity.