Updated Articles

  1.  Message Editing Updated

    This feature allows you to fully customize the messages that are generated by SentryOne. Add or remove information, change how the information is formatted, and change the order that the information is displayed. See these SentryOne blogs fo...
  2. SentryOne Document Getting Started Updated

    Instructions for installing, configuring, and activating a license for the remote agent, configuring a solution, and logging into SentryOne Document.
  3. SQL Server Settings Updated

    Blocking SQL Setting Description Related Condition Maximum Duration Threshold Sets the maximum allowed duration for the object. Blocking SQL: DurationThreshold Max Blocking SQL Source Setting Description Related ...
  4. Plan Explorer Azure Data Studio Extension Updated

    Instructions for installing, enabling, and using the FREE SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension for Azure Data Studio (ADS).
  5. Using SentryOne Monitor with the Universal Client Updated

    Guide to using the Universal Client with SentryOne Monitor where you can view server health information, performance dashboards, top SQL, and more, as well as manage custom dashboards.
  6. SentryOne Monitor Release Notes Updated

    Product fixes and new features list for SentryOne Monitor.
  7.  Getting Started with SentryOne Monitor Preview Updated

    A step-by-step guide to installing the SentryOne Monitor Preview release.
  8.  Response Rulesets Updated

    Response Rulesets control how often Actions  are taken in response to Conditions . The default ruleset is Notify Every Time , meaning that the Action  is taken every time the Condition  is met. Response Rulesets a...
  9. Task Factory Release Notes Updated

    Task Factory Release Notes for fixes and features.
  10.  Task Factory SalesForce.com Updated

    Guide to using SalesForce.com Connection Manager, SalesForce.Com Source, and SalesForce.Com Destination in Task Factory.