Updated Articles

  1. Live Query Profile Updated

    Live Query Profiling allows for the capture and replay of live query execution data. When this setting is enabled, live query execution data is captured along with the actual plan.
  2.  Performance Analysis Disk Activity Updated

    Applies to: SQL Sentry, BI Sentry*, V Sentry*, and Win Sentry* *The Disk Activity and Disk Space tabs are focused on database files. For Win Sentry it applies to VMware and Hyper-V hosts for vDisks and VHDX files, respectively. The tabs ...
  3. Task Factory Installation Updated

    Installation instructions for Task Factory.
  4. V Sentry Performance Metrics Updated

    This article covers the various performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview, and how to interpret different metric values and combinations of values across different metrics for V Sentry.
  5.  Query Plans Updated

    Applies to: SQL Sentry and DB Sentry The Query Plans tab lists all plans collected for Top SQL completed queries for the specified date range, and provides a detailed chronology of all completed query plan changes. Use Query Plans to ...
  6. SentryOne Integrations Updated

    An overview of integration solutions that work with SentryOne.
  7.  Performance Analysis Disk Activity

    The Disk Activity tab provides a patented graphical disk analysis system that breaks down disk activity and latency at the controller, physical disk, and file level, highlighting bottlenecks at any point in a disk system.
  8.  Plan Explorer Results

    The Statement section represents one of the biggest differences between Plan Explorer and SSMS. Its function is critical when navigating multi-statement plans. It shows a logical breakdown of the entire plan tree, including all control structures, nested procedure calls, and estimated and/or actual metrics for each statement, including operation counts.
  9.  Performance Analysis Baselining

    Applies to: SQL Sentry, Win Sentry, BI Sentry, V Sentry, and DB Sentry   Baselines are created and managed from the History  view of the Performance Analysis Dashboard .  There are two distinct baseline types available. ...
  10.  Performance Analysis Highlights

    This article lists the main features of the varying tabs for SentryOne Performance Analysis.