Updated Articles

  1. SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer Updated

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SentryOne platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.
  2. Upgrading Task Factory Updated

    Step-by-step instructions for upgrading your Task Factory installation.
  3. System Requirements Updated

    Guide to the minimum system requirements needed to install SentryOne software components. Included is SentryOne Client, SentryOne Monitoring service, and the SentryOne database.
  4. SentryOne Portal Configuration Updated

    The on-premises SentryOne Portal provides browser-based access to SentryOne views, including Health, Dashboards, Top SQL, and Actions.
  5.  SentryOne DOC xPress Updated

    Complete guide to using the DOC xPress component of SentryOne Workbench.
  6. SentryOne Document Solution Items Updated

    Guide to the solution item types available in SentryOne Document as well as information on filtering solution items.
  7. Task Factory Installation Updated

    Installation instructions for Task Factory.
  8.  SentryOne Document Lineage Updated

    Guide to navigating and using the lineage feature in SentryOne Document.
  9. SentryOne Document Release Notes Updated

    Release notes for SentryOne Document.
  10.  Task Factory Secure FTP Updated

    Guide to using Secure FTP Connection Manager and Secure FTP Control Flow Task in Task Factory.