Top SQL Runtime Stats


The Top SQL Runtime Stats provides insight into the frequency and duration of the queries and procedures that are captured by Top SQL.

Runtime Graphs

Runtime Stats provides a visualization of collected runtimes for a particular statement. Open Runtime Stats by right-clicking any statement in the Completed Queries tab and then selecting  Jump To > Runtime Stats from the context menu.

Top SQL Jump to Runtime Stats
Jump to > Runtime Stats
Top SQL corresponding Runtime Stats
Top SQL Runtime Stats

There are two views available for the graph, Runtime History and Runtime Aggregates.  This selection is made from the main toolbar. These graphs make it easy to identify runtime trends, which are an indicator of or eventually lead to performance issues with the event or the server.

Runtime History Graph

This graph shows an entry's actual runtime and status over the specified interval. A red bar indicates that the instance failed.

Runtime Aggregates Graph

This graphs show the distribution of the entry’s actual runtime over the specified interval.

Top SQL Runtime Stats History mode
Top SQL Runtime Stats History mode
Top SQL Runtime Stats Aggregate mode
Top SQL Runtime Stats Aggregate mode

Graph Controls

Use the Navigation toolbar to change the Start date/time and interval for the graph.

Top SQL tab Runtime Stats Navigation toolbar The Days control can go up to 60 days at a time. Whenever the selected interval is less than one day (one minute through four hours), the Days control changes to one day.

Graph ControlDescription

Min/Max Y Val

When a runtime graph is first displayed, SQL Sentry tries to determine the most appropriate interval and maximum Y-axis value. Change either of these settings at any time.

Auto-scale to Max Value

Checking this box automatically selects the appropriate Max Y Value of the data being shown in the current view.

Interval Type

Changes the interval used for the Y-axis.

Show Value Labels

Deselect this checkbox to hide the bar value labels. This can become necessary for broader ranges with hundreds or thousands of bars to reduce the noise on the graph.

Runtime Grid

The Runtime Grid provides additional information about captured Top SQL events. This includes both events that are captured as part of the standard Top SQL collection, and fast running events that are captured as part of Query Stats collection. The events listed in the Runtime Grid aren't dependent on any specific time range you're viewing, and don't update based on the selected chart view. The count represents the total number of observed occurrences of the event that have history in SQL Sentry. The respective Min, Max, and Average durations are updated as new occurrences of the events are observed in your environment.

Top SQL Runtime Grid

Events are purged from the list according to the Global Settings > Storage tab >  Keep Performance History For setting. See the last time an event occurred by using the Last Execution column. If an event hasn't been observed since the effective Keep Performance History For date, its record is removed.

Runtime Grid Last Execution