Task Factory Replace Unwanted Characters Transform

 Task Factory users running version 2020.1.4 or older (released prior to May 27, 2020): There's an important Task Factory update. Please visit here for more details.

Replace Unwanted Characters Transform

Transform IconTransform Description
Task Factory Replace Unwanted Characters Transform IconThe Replace Unwanted Characters Transform is a flexible component that’s used to remove and replace unwanted characters or words from your source data.

Task Factory Replace Unwanted Characters Transform

Input Columns

Input ColumnName of the input column.
Choose ActionThere are two actions that can be used:

  • Action 
  • Output Action


Replace Alpha/Alphanumeric/Numeric characters and replace with user defined value - This option gives you six predefined options to replace characters. This option is useful if you need a simple way to remove unwanted characters without knowing the specific characters you want to remove, but know what you want to keep.

Parameters - Action
  • ReplaceAlpha - Remove/replace letters in the alphabet from the input string.
  • ReplaceNonAlpha - Remove/replace anything other than letters in the alphabet from the input string.
  • ReplaceNumeric - Remove/replace numbers from the input string.
  • ReplaceNonNumeric - Remove/replace anything other than number from the input string.
  • ReplaceAlphaNumeric - Replace/remove any characters  [A-Z], [a-z], and [0-9] from the input string.
  • ReplaceNonAlphaNumeric - Replace/remove any characters other than [A-Z], [a-z], and [0-9] from the input string.
Parameters - Replace Match Character WithThe character or word to replace the characters defined in the action.

Replace Specified characters or words with user defined value - This options gives you the ability to replace any characters or words from the input source with a user defined value. This is useful when you need to  be more selective with the characters that are replaced.


Characters to be searchedDefine what characters should be replaced. Certain characters need to be entered as escape sequences:
  • Tab - \t
  • CarriageReturn - \r
  • LineFeed - \n
  • VerticalTab - \v
  • SingleQuote - \'
  • DoubleQuotes - \"
  • NullCharacter - \0
Words to be searchedDefine words or Unicode characters to be replaced. All words must be separated by a vertical bar ( ). If you have some Unicode characters you want to replace then you must specify \u.

For example to replace a Greek letter you would specify \u03B2.
Replace withDefine the characters or words to replace the unwanted characters or words defined in the Characters to be searched and Words to be searched parameters. Usually this value is left blank.
Ignore CaseChoose whether the words or characters being searched should use case matching.

Note:  The default is false.
Maximum ReplacementsSpecify how many occurrences you want to replace. Setting this value to -1 replaces all occurrences in the input string.

Replace invalid characters that cannot be part of an Xml Document - Replaces the &, < and > as well as or (double and single quote) within attributes.
Replace non-printable characters - Replaces all non-printable characters such as tab and carriage return.

Output Actions

Replace the column data with fixed data 

Output the fixed data to a new output column - The new output column name is  inputcolumn_output for example, if the source column is FirstName the output will be FirstName_output.

Additional Information:  See the Task Factory Error Row Handling article for more information about this functionality.