Task Factory Licensing

 Task Factory users running version 2020.1.4 or older (released prior to May 27, 2020): There's an important Task Factory update. Please visit here for more details.

Note:  Task Factory can be used in a development environment without a license. A license is required to execute the packages outside of the development environment. 

Additional Information: See the Task Factory product page for complete information on licensing options, prices, and models (i.e. which licenses are per server or ADF node).

Task Factory License Manager

Updating Your Task Factory License 

Older versions of Task Factory have different paths to the license manager.

Current path:

%Program Files (x86)%\SentryOne\Task Factory\PragmaticWorks.LicenseManager.exe

1. Open the License Manager, and then select Install a License

SentryOne Task Factory License Manager
SentryOne Task Factory License Manager Install a License

2. Select Use an activation key, enter the license key in the Activation Key text box, and then select Activate.

SentryOne Task Factory License Manager Use an activation key
Use an activation key

SentryOne Task Factory License Manager Activate license
Activate License

Your license has been activated. 

SentryOne Task Factory License Activation complete
Activation Complete

SentryOne Task Factory License Manager active license
Active License

Version 2016.2.1 path:

%ProgramFiles (x86)%\Pragmatic Works\Task Factory\LicenseManager\PragmaticWorks.LicenseManager.exe

Version 3.2 path:

%ProgramFiles%\Pragmatic Works\Task Factory\TaskFactoryRegistration.exe

1. Before installing Task Factory 3.2, run the Task Factory Registration application (located at %ProgramFiles%\Pragmatic Works\Task Factory\TaskFactoryRegistration.exe), and copy the Activation Key.

About Task Factory window 

2. After the activation key is copied, uninstall the current version of Task Factory, and then install Version 3.2 ( or higher). 

Important:  For current versions (2016.2.1 or later), run the new Pragmatic Works License Manager application again (current release is located at %Program Files (x86)%\SentryOne\Task Factory\PragmaticWorks.LicenseManager.exe) then select Install A License. All previous versions need to use the same registration tool found in step one.

Task Factory Pragmatic Works License Manager

 3. When the Licensing window opens, select I have an activation key, and then select OK to continue.Task Factory Licensing window

4. Paste or enter the activation key that was copied, and then select Activate to install your license.Task Factory Licensing window

License Activation & Communication Ports

You may need to open a port (or add an exception) on a secure server to allow communication with our licensing servers. This requires the standard HTTPS port 443 and the activation URL for the exception is  activation.sentryone.com.

Task Factory Licensing Changes

Since the release of version 3.2 of Task Factory we use a licensing technology that requires every license to be updated. This means that if you have a current license, you need to run the Task Factory Registration tool with your current license key (if you have one) and update your license.

Note:  If your installation of Task Factory shows the (BIDS Only) message at the bottom then your machine does not have a license for the product, and can only be used be for development purposes. A license is needed when you execute an SSIS package containing a Task Factory component outside of BIDS.

Task Factory (Trial Mode BIDS Only)

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