Task Factory Licensing

Task Factory Licensing Changes

With the release of version 3.2 of Task Factory we are now using a new licensing technology that requires every license to be updated. This means that if you have a current license, you need to run the Task Factory Registration tool with your current license key (if you have one) and update your license.

Note:  If your installation of Task Factory shows the (BIDS Only) message at the bottom then your machine does not have a license for the product, and can only be used be for development purposes. A license is needed when you execute an SSIS package containing a Task Factory component outside of BIDS.

Task Factory (Trial Mode BIDS Only)

Updating Your License 

1. Before installing Task Factory 3.2, run the Task Factory Registration application (located at "%ProgramFiles%\Pragmatic Works\Task Factory\TaskFactoryRegistration.exe), and copy the Activation Key.

About Task Factory window 

2. After the activation key is copied, uninstall the current version of Task Factory, and then install Version 3.2 ( or higher). 

Important:  For versions 2016.2.1, run the new Pragmatic Works License Manager application again (located at "%ProgramFiles (x86)%\Pragmatic Works\Task Factory\LicenseManager\PragmaticWorks.LicenseManager.exe,) then select Install A License. All previous versions need to use the same registration tool found in step one.

Task Factory Pragmatic Works License Manager

 3. When the Licensing window opens, select I have an activation key, and then select Ok to continue.Task Factory Licensing window

4. Paste or enter the activation key that was copied, and then select Activate to install your license.Task Factory Licensing window

Task Factory Licensing Bundles 

Download: For more information about Task Factory pricing or downloading a trial, see the Task Factory product page.

Task factory has several licensing bundles to fit the needs of your workspace. The following bundles are now available for Task Factory : 


Community Bundle (Free)

With the Community Bundle, you have access to the following components : 


Standard Bundle

With the Standard Bundle, you have access to the following components: 


Pro Bundle

With the Pro Bundle, you have access to the following components: