Task Factory Installation

Download: For more information about Task Factory pricing or downloading a trial, see the Task Factory product page.

Installing Task Factory 

Complete the following steps to install Task Factory:

 1.  Open the Task Factory installer, select your install destination from the drop-box, and then select the checkbox to agree to the license terms and conditions. Select Next to continue.

SentryOne Task Factory Installer

2. Select the Typical or Custom setup type, and then select install.

SentryOne Task Factory Typical setupTypical Install

SentryOne Task Factory Custom setupCustom Install
SentryOne Task Factory Custom Setup componentsSelect Custom Components

Note:  The Typical setup is recommended for most customers. 

Note:  The installation process may take several minutes, you can monitor the status through the installer.

SentryOne Task Factory Installation status 

3.  After the installation is complete, the confirmation window displays. Select Finish to complete the installation.

SentryOne Task Factory Installation select Finish

Important:  Users who choose the custom installation for the 2016 version must include the 2012 and 2014 installations (which are selected by default.)

Adding Task Factory Components

Before you can use the Task Factory components in BIDS, you must add them to your toolbox. 

Note:  Adding Task Factory components in BIDS is not necessary with SQL Server Data Tools (2012 or higher).

Complete the following steps to add the Task Factory components to your toolbox:

  1. Open an SSIS package, and then open your toolbox (View > Toolbox).
  2. Right click the toolbox window and select Choose Items... 
    Add Task Factory components to your toolbox
  3. Select the SSIS Control Flow Items tab and select all unselected tasks that begin with TF. Then follow the same step with the SSIS Data Flow Items tab.
  4. After you have selected all Task Factory Control Flow and Data Flow Items, select OK to save and confirm your selections.
    Add Task Factory Components to your toobox