Task Factory HTTP Download

Download File Task

Task IconTask Description
Task Factory HTTP Download File Task IconThe Download File Task is used to retrieve files using the HTTP protocol and the SSIS HTTP Connection Manager.

Note:  The Download File Task was formerly called the HTTP Download File Task.

Important:  The HTTP Download File Task uses the Native HTTP Connection Manager by Microsoft, and only supports TLS1.2. TLS1.0 and TLS 1.1 are not supported. 

Task Factory Download File Task

HTTP Connection ManagerThe HTTP Connection Manager drop down contains any SSIS HTTP Connection Manager that are part of your package. You can create a new connection manager by selecting Create New HTTP Connection which displays the HTTP Connection Manager Editor.
Stop Package On Task Failure?Selecting this option stops the execution of the package if a failure occurs.

File to Download

Where is the path to the file stored?Select where the file to download is stored.
Enter Path to File to DownloadThis field's description changes depending on where the path to the file is stored.

Local File

This section is used to tell the Download File Task where to store the downloaded file locally.

Where is the path to the file stored?There are four options for creating the path to the local file.
  • Text - Enter the URL to the file.
  • Expression - Use an expression to build the URL to the file.
  • Variable - Select a variable that contains the URL to the file.
  • Connection Manager - Configure a file connection manager to point to a local file.
Enter File Path For Local FileThis property changes depending on where the path to the file is stored.
Overwrite Local File?Set this property to true if the Download File Task should overwrite the local file with the file that is downloaded. Setting it to false causes the task to fail if the local file exists already.