General Tasks


 Task Factory Advanced Execute
Guide to using Advanced Execute Package Task in Task Factory. It is used to execute child packages within an SSIS package from either a local file or a package stored on SQL Server.
Task Factory HTTP Download
Guide to using the HTTP Download Task in Task Factory. It is used to retrieve files using the HTTP protocol and the SSIS HTTP Connection Manager.
Task Factory Compression
Guide to using Compression Task in Task Factory.
 Task Factory File Gateway
Guide to using File Gateway Task and File Gateway Source in Task Factory to validate delimited files before performing a downstream action.
 Task Factory Expression
Guide to using Expression Task and Expression Editor in Task Factory.
 Task Factory File Properties
Guide to using File Properties Task in Task Factory.
Task Factory PGP
Guide to using PGP Task in Task Factory to encrypt or decrypt a file using PGP encryption.
Task Factory Secure Config
Guide to using Secure Config Task in Task Factory and BIxPress.
Task Factory Timer
Guide to using Timer Task in Task Factory to configure a timer (delay) before beginning package execution or delay between control flow tasks.
Task Factory PowerShell Task
Guide to using the PowerShell task in Task Factory.