Task Factory Fact Table Destination

 Task Factory users running version 2020.1.4 or older (released prior to May 27, 2020): There's an important Task Factory update. Please visit here for more details.

Fact Table Destination

Destination IconDestination Description
Task Factory Fact Table Destination IconThe Fact Table Destination gives developers the ability to perform all of the lookups required to insert or update a fact table.


Task Factory Fact Table Destination

Destination Connection ManagerCreates or selects a connection to the destination database (must be SQL Server 2008 or above).
Fact Table NameSelects the destination fact table.
Destination Actions
  • Insert - Users select this option to insert rows to the fact table.
  • Update - Users select this option to update rows in the fact table.
Dimension Lookups
  • Add Lookup - Creates a new lookup ready for configuration.
  • Remove Lookup - Removes the selected lookup.
Dimension Table For Key LookupSelects the dimension table for each lookup.
AliasUsers can assign an alias for the selected dimension table.
Note:  This should be used for performing multiple lookups on the same dimension.
 Columns From Lookup
  • Include - Selects the column(s) to be used for destination column mapping.
  • Column - The name of the column.
  • Column Alias - Users can create a column alias.
  • Default Value - Users can assign a value to replace NULLs.
 Configure Dimension Table Join Conditions To Source Data
  • And - Select the expand button to create join condition(s). All lookups require a condition to be configured.
Lookup Failure Action (Set to each lookup)
  • Set To Default - NULLs in the lookup are replaced with the default value defined in the Columns From Lookup.
  • Fail - NULLs in the lookup causes the component to fail execution.

Destination Column Mappings

Task Factory Fact Table Destination Destination Column Mappings

KeySelects the key(s) needed when performing updates.
Input ColumnThe user selected input column to be mapped to the destination.
Destination Column Name of the destination column.


Users can write custom TSQL queries to be performed before or after each buffer.

Task Factory Fact Table Destination Scripts