Task Factory Common Errors

Through the course of installing or upgrading Task Factory, you can run into some common component errors in your packages. This article provides an overview for these common errors and ways to troubleshoot them.

Note:  SentryOne recommends testing your Task Factory upgrade before upgrading all of your environments.

SSIS.ReplacementTask Error

SSIS.ReplacementTask Error

You may run into the SSIS.ReplacementTask error when you try to run a package after installing a new version of Task Factory. 

Note:  The SSIS.ReplacementTask error may display as follows:

TITLE: Microsoft Visual Studio
The task with the name "TF Properties Task" and the creation name "SSIS.ReplacementTask" is not registered for use on this computer.
Contact Information:
File Properties Task;Pragmatic Works, Inc; Task Factory (c) 2009 - 2014 Pragmatic Works, Inc; 


The SSIS.RepalcementTask error has the following symptoms:

Box icon on your Task Factory component or taskTask Factory Task Box Icon example
Your package can't be executed or edited
You can't see the data in your Task Factory components.Task Factory SSIS.ReplacementTask Error prompt

Warning:  If your package(s) exhibits any of these symptoms, DO NOT try to run the package, or open any of its components. It's recommended to delete this package if you have a saved copy or backup of the package.

Important:  SentryOne recommends having backups of your packages, and storing these backups in a safe and accessible location.


The SSIS.ReplacementTask error occurs when SSIS is looking for your Task Factory components and can't find them (your component(s) may look online for assemblies, which can take a while). When SSIS can't find your Task Factory components, it replaces the components with generic components, resulting in the SSIS.ReplacementTask error.

You may run into the SSISReplacementTask error if you've done the following:

  • You've opened a package that was developed on an higher version of Task Factory in an older version. For example, you developed the package in version 2020.0, and opened it in version 2019.
  • You're using the same version of Task Factory that was used to develop the package, but you are targeting a different SQL Server version. For example, you're package was created targeting SQL Server 2017, and when you've opened the package on your current machine, the package is targeting SQL Server 2019.


To fix the SSISReplacementTask error in your package(s), you can take one of the following actions:

  • Run the package on the version of Task Factory where it was originally created and delete the corrupted package.
  • Download the version of Task Factory where the package was developed and ensure that this version is installed across all of your machines.
  • Use the version of Task Factory where the package is working across all of your environments.
  • Ensure the package is targeting the version of SQL Server that it was targeting during its development.

Warning:  You must use the same version of Task Factory across all your environments (dev, production, qa, etc.) to ensure optimal performance of Task Factory components.

Note:  If you need any assistance solving this error, reach out to support.sentryone.com.

Task Factory Items not showing up

Task Factory Items are not showing up in the SSIS Toolbox


Recently downloaded Task Factory components are not displaying in the SSIS Toolbox.


Beginning with SQL Server Data Tools 2016, backwards compatibility was added for building and editing packages for previous versions of SQL Server Integration Services. Opening your package in a newer version of Visual Studio may cause the package to target a version of SSIS that does not have Task Factory support. For example, if you custom installed Task Factory to support only SSIS 2014, and then you tried to work on a project that is targeting SSIS 2012, the Task Factory items won't display in your SSIS toolbox.


To ensure that the Task Factory components display in the SSIS toolbox, you can uninstall your current version of Task Factory, then reinstall Task Factory (making sure to select the versions of SSIS that you plan to work with). 

You can also change the TargetServerVersion of the SSIS project to match your installed version of Task Factory. To do this, complete the following steps:

1. Open your Visual Studio project. Right click your Project in the Solution Explorer window, then select Properties to open the Property Page window.Task Factory select Project Properties

2. Select Configuration Properties, then select the desired TargetServerVersion from the drop-down list. Select OK to save your changes.

Task Factory Configuration Properties TargetServerVersion
Task Factory Configuration Properties TargetServerVersion Ok

3. Save and close your package. Re-open the package to display the Task Factory components.

Task Factory Components in SSIS Toolbox