Tableau Report Pack for SQL Sentry

The Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring allows you to view and analyze SQL Sentry monitoring data with Tableau visualizations. The file contains a free set of reports to get you started. Remember, you can also mine the SQL Sentry database for additional reports you may need. For more information on that, see our Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry blog series.

Install the Tableau Report Pack

  1. Unzip the file: Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring.twb
  2. Open the Tableau workbook file.
  3. Accept the custom SQL prompt.
  4. Enter the connection information (server name and database name) for your SQL Sentry database.
  5. When you click another tab, you will be prompted again for the connection information. Note:  It asks twice because the first connection brings in server health data and the second pulls in disk data.
  6. Run the reports.
  7. Deploy to Tableau Server. Note:  This step is optional.