SQL Server Registrations

Unsupported: As of June 2020, this feature is deprecated and no longer supported.

The SQL Server Registrations node mirrors the SQL Server registrations of the native client tools for the current user, including any SSAS registrations and central management servers. Any groups or servers that are added or deleted through the client tools are automatically added to the SQL Server Registrations node in the SentryOne client.

To toggle the local SQL Server registration, select the Show SQL Server Registrations icon, located directly above the Navigator pane.

SentryOne Show SQL Server Registration

Note:  Changes you make regarding the watched status, or to any configured settings, conditions, and actions from the context of the SQL Server Registrations node are mirrored in the All Targets node.

Activities normally done in the SQL Server's client tools, such as adding, editing, or deleting jobs, alerts, or maintenance plans can be done using the SQL Server Registrations node in the SentryOne client. Servers can also be registered from the SentryOne client through the right-click context menu of the Local node.

Note:  SentryOne includes support for accessing registered servers managed by a central management server. Just like other instances in the SQL Server Registrations group, changes you make regarding the watched status, or to any configured settings, conditions, and actions from the context of the Central Management Servers group are mirrored in the All Targets node.