SQL Server

How to use performance analysis in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) for SQL Server type targets, including Amazon RDS for SQL Server.


SQL Sentry Overview
What is SQL Sentry? SQL Sentry is a highly capable and scalable platform for enterprise data performance management. It's used to monitor, diagnose, and optimize Microsoft SQL Server environments. SQL Sentry collects and retains historical da...
SQL Sentry Performance Metrics Updated
This article covers the various performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview, and how to interpret different metric values and combinations of values across different metrics for SQL Sentry.
Query Plans Updated
Guide to using the Query Plans tab in Performance Analysis.
 Performance Analysis Processes
Guide to the Processes tab in Performance Analysis for Win Sentry, SQL Sentry, and BI Sentry.
 Performance Analysis Top SQL Updated
In-depth look at the Top SQL query monitoring feature in SQL Sentry.
 Top SQL Runtime Stats Updated
Introduction The Top SQL Runtime Stats provides insight into the frequency and duration of the queries and procedures that are captured by Top SQL . Runtime Graphs Runtime Stats provides a visualization of collected runtimes for ...
 Performance Analysis Disk Activity
Guide to Disk Activity for SQL Server, VMware, and Windows targets (including Hyper-V hosts).
 Performance Analysis Disk Space
Guide to the Disk Space feature for SQL Server, SSAS, VMware, and Windows targets.
 Performance Analysis Blocking SQL
Applies to :  The Blocking tab is available for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database targets. See the Monitor Blocking article for an example of the Blocking feature in a browser. Overview The Blocking SQL tab displays...
 Performance Analysis Deadlocks
See the Monitor Deadlocks article for an example of the Deadlocks feature in a browser. Overview The Deadlocks  tab displays information about deadlocks happening within your environment. Use the Deadlocks  tab to iden...
 Performance Analysis AlwaysOn Updated
Guide to using the AlwaysOn tab in SentryOne SQL Sentry Performance Analysis.
 QuickTrace™ Updated
QuickTrace™ A QuickTrace   is a comprehensive snapshot of activity created by combining process-level data and trace events collected during a brief sample period. Various metrics such as CPU, I/O, recompiles, cache misses, cur...
 SQL Sentry Indexes
Applies to: SQL Sentry This feature is disabled by default. It can be turned on by using the in-app wizard. Indexes Tab The Indexes  tab displays information about your tables and indexes that are collected by the SentryOne Fr...
SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager
Heavily fragmented indexes degrade the performance of your database and the applications running on it. Resolve index fragmentation by reorganizing or rebuilding an index. Fragmentation Manager automatically collects table and index information,...