SQL Server

How to use performance analysis in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) for SQL Server type targets, including Amazon RDS for SQL Server.


SQL Sentry Overview
An overview of how to use SQL Sentry and jump between features to discover root cause of performance issues.
SQL Sentry Performance Metrics
This article covers the various performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview, and how to interpret different metric values and combinations of values across different metrics for SQL Sentry.
 Performance Analysis Processes
Guide to the Processes tab in Performance Analysis for Win Sentry, SQL Sentry, and BI Sentry.
 SQL Sentry Performance Analysis Disk Activity
Guide to SQL Sentry Disk Activity for SQL Server, VMware, and Windows targets (including Hyper-V hosts).
 Performance Analysis Disk Space
Guide to the SQL Sentry Disk Space feature for SQL Server, SSAS, VMware, and Windows targets.
 Performance Analysis Top SQL
In-depth look at the Top SQL query monitoring feature in SQL Sentry.
 Top SQL Runtime Stats
Use Top SQL Runtime Stats for insight into the frequency and duration of the queries and procedures that are captured by SQL Sentry Top SQL.
 SQL Sentry Indexes
Guide to using the SQL Sentry Indexes tab analyze index fragmentation, activity, and storage space.
 Performance Analysis AlwaysOn
Guide to using the AlwaysOn tab in SQL Sentry Performance Analysis.
SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager
Guide to scanning, analyzing, and defragmenting your indexes with SQL Sentry. Instructions for scheduling index defrag jobs.
Query Plans
Guide to using the Query Plans tab in SQL Sentry Performance Analysis.
 Performance Analysis Blocking SQL
Guide to using the SQL Sentry blocking analysis tab.
 Performance Analysis Deadlocks
Guide to using the SQL Sentry Deadlocks tab to identify and correct deadlocks on your monitored servers.
Guide to creating, running, and viewing a SQL Sentry QuickTrace to analyze server workload activity.