Monitoring Service Logon Account

Note:  To only update a password, use the services applet in the Windows Control Panel.

The Service Configuration Utility is used to change the stored credentials of the SentryOne monitoring service. If the user account used by the monitoring service needs to be changed, the SentryOne Service Configuration Utility needs to be run for the public/private key encryption to validate the change. The ServiceConfiguration.exe utility is in the SentryOne program group on the Start menu.

SentryOne Service Configuration Utility

Important:  Running the Service Configuration Utility is the only supported way of changing the stored monitoring service credentials.

For more information about the different requirements for the monitoring service logon account, see the Monitoring Service Security topic.

Warning: Changing the security account using the services applet in the Windows Control Panel causes the service to fail and isn't supported. The service appears to be running, but is unable to perform any work due to an encryption error.