SentryOne Test Web Portal Overview

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.


SentryOne Test Web Portal Features

SentryOne Test Web Portal

The SentryOne Test Web Portal displays and stores the testing data from the Visual Studio Extension and Remote Agents in your testing environment without the need to access Visual Studio. You can publish testing data from across your Remote Agents to the Web Portal, to have a centralized view of your testing data that's easily accessible to end users. With the SentryOne Test Web Portal, you can drill down into test failures and see exactly why tests are failing, including the data behind the test.

The testing data is presented in an easy to navigate and intuitive format that makes getting to the root of a testing error a simple task for a range of users including developers and business users. In the SentryOne Test Web Portal, errors in testing are specifically highlighted, and you can take action on those errors without having to run queries in SSMS. You're able to view the historical results of each and every test recorded with the Execution histories page for a specified test. Finally, you can use it to schedule testing runs, and manage the notification systems so that you alerted for any errors in your testing environment. 

Within the SentryOne Test Web Portal, you have access to the following: 

  • Dashboards that display test activity across all deployed and published projects
  • Recipes to quickly create tests without Visual Studio
  • Notification engine to create and manage test subscriptions and test actions
  • Remote Agent centralization and management
Connecting to the Web Portal

Connecting to the SentryOne Test Web Portal

After purchasing a license for the SentryOne Test Solution, log into the SentryOne Test Web Portal at with your user name and password for

  1. Select one of the Sign in options to open the SentryOne Account login page.
    SentryOne Test Web Portal Sign in to get started
    Use one of the Sign In options at
  2. Enter your SentryOne account email and password, then select Log in to open the SentryOne Test Web Portal.
    SentryOne Account Management page

Note:  If you are a new SentryOne customer, create a new SentryOne account and password at Welcome to the SentryOne community!

Adding New Users

SentryOne Test uses Organization Settings to add new users. All users must have an account at and be added as contacts on the activation key at