SentryOne Test Web Portal System Settings

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

Manage the System settings within your testing environment in the SentryOne Test Web Portal System Settings tab. 

Manage Annotation Types

SentryOne Test System Settings Manage Annotation Types

Annotations allow meaningful descriptions to be assigned to tests. These can be useful when business users are trying to make sense of test results on the SentryOne Test Web Portal, and appear on the test management page for a test. 

Note:  Annotation types can also be created in the Visual Studio Extension. For more information, see the Visual Studio Extension Integrating with the Remote Agent article.

SentryOne Test has the following Annotation Types built in by default:

LegiTest.DescriptionDescriptionDisplays a user entered description for the Test object or assembly.
LegiTest.ResolutionStepsResolution StepsDisplays the user entered resolution steps for the test object or assembly.
LegiTest.UserErrorMessageUser Error MessageDisplays an error message for the test object or assembly.

Note:  The default Annotation Types within the SentryOne Test Web Portal cannot be edited or deleted.

Create a new Annotation Type in the SentryOne Test Web Portal by completing the following steps:

1. Select New to open the Add Annotation Type window.
SentryOne Test Add new Annotation Type

2. Enter a Type Name and Description for your Annotation Type, then select Save to create the annotation. 

SentryOne Test Add Annotation Type window
SentryOne Test Annotation Type added

Edit custom Annotation Types by selecting SentryOne Test Edit Annotation button.

Save the edits made by selecting SentryOne Test Save Edits buttonor cancel by selectingSentryOne Test Cancel Edits button.

SentryOne Test Save Edits to Annotation example

User Settings

SentryOne Test User and Organization settings

Manage the users and organizations within the SentryOne Test Web Portal via User Settings

Switch to a different organization by completing the following steps: 

Select your organization name to open the Organization window. Select an organization from the drop down menu and then select OK to apply the changes. 

SentryOne Test select organization name
Select Organization name

SentryOne Test Organization window
Choose Organization

User Options Context menu

Select to openSentryOne Test User Management Iconthe User Options context menu. 

SentryOne Test User Management context menu

SentryOne Test License Information context menuOpens the License Status page which provides details about your SentryOne Test license.SentryOne Test Licensing Status page
SentryOne Test View EULA context menuOpens the End User License Agreement for SentryOne Test.SentryOne Test End User License Agreement
SentryOne Test Manage Users Context menuOpens the SentryOne User Management page.

Select Manage Users to be able to add new or manage existing users for your SentryOne software. 
SentryOne Welcome pageSentryOne Manage Users Page

SentryOne Test Sign Out context menuLog out of the SentryOne Test Web Portal. SentryOne Test Login page