SSIS Actions

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

The SSIS actions allow testing of packages, their properties, and their tasks. A package can be loaded from a package reference asset and then used to get its properties, set its properties, or select individual tasks to execute.

Execute Package

SentryOne Test Execute PackageThe Execute Package action allows launches a package from the test. Decide if the test fails on package failure or continues.

SentryOne Test Execute Package Properties

Fail On Package FailureToggle on or off to determine the behavior of the test on package failure.
PackageThe resource key of the package you want to execute.
Resource KeyThe result of the package is placed in the resource key.

Execute Task

SentryOne Test Execute TaskThe Execute Task action is used together with a Package Reference and Load Package element. Select the task you wish to execute when the test runs.

SentryOne Test Execute Task Element Editor

Target PackageThe resource key of the package that's used from a previous load package action.
Resource KeyThe resource key that stores the result of the package.
Fail on task failureSpecifies whether or not to fail the test if the task being executed fails.
Package Selection WindowA list of available tasks from the chosen package are selectable here.

Get Properties

SentryOne Test Get PropertiesThe Get Properties action gets the properties of various items of a package. For example, getting the value of a variable, or getting the type of a parameter or variable.

SentryOne Test Get Properties Element Editor

Target PackageThe package reference key from the previous load package action.
Properties to getA list of properties to retrieve when this action runs.
AddSelect Add to open the Add Property window. Select the package, the object, and then the property in the Add Property window. The value of the property can be set to a resource key defined at the top of the editor.
EditSelect Edit to open the Add screen with the selected property in focus.
DeleteDeletes the selected property from the get list.

Example: In this image, the data type of the count variable is being retrieved and stored in the resource bag with the key CountValue.

SentryOne Test Get Properties Example

Load Package

SentryOne Test Load PackageThe Load Package action prepares a package from a package reference asset and gives it a resource key to use in another element.

SentryOne Test Load Package Properties

Package Reference AssetThe package asset previously defined.
Resource KeyThe location where the package is stored. This is used to select the package in the execute package element.

Set Properties

SentryOne Test Set PropertiesThe Set Properties actions sets the properties of a package during the test run. Set multiple properties using just the one element.

SentryOne Test Set Properties Element Editor

Target Package
The reference key of the package to use.
Properties to set
The list of properties added to the element you want to set.
Opens the Add Property window where you select the property to change.
Opens the Add Property window with the focus on the selected property.
Deletes the selected property from the set editor.

In this image the variable @User::Count is having its value set to 23456.

SentryOne Test Set Properties Example