SQL Server Assets

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

The SQL Server assests provide a way to Backup, Restore, or initiate a Bulk Insert. Having these items as assets allows for quick development of tests without needing to duplicate the commands contained within the asset.

T-SQL Backup / Restore

SentryOne Test T-SQL Backup RestoreThe T-SQL Backup / Restore asset stores a backup or restore SQL command, that can later be used with the Execute Query Command action. Backups and restores use the default backup location of the system running the test.

Backup / Restore Editor

SentryOne Test T-SQL Backup Restore Asset

ModeSelect either Backup or Restore.
DatabaseThe name of the database to back up or restore.
File NameThe name of the file to restore, or the name to give the backup.

T-SQL Bulk Insert

SentryOne Test T-SQL Bulk InsertThe T-SQL Bulk Insert asset stores the information for a bulk insert that can be executed using the Execute Query Command action. Specifiy the table that the data is inserted into, a file that contains the information, and the field separator.

Bulk Insert Editor

SentryOne Test T-SQL Bulk Insert Asset

The table where the data is inserted.
File Name
The location of the file that holds the data to be inserted.
Field Separator
Specify if the data uses a separator other than the default tab.