File Asserts

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

The following is a list of asserts for checking if a file exists, or to compare the contents of files:

File Content Comparison

SentryOne Test File Content ComparisonThe File Content Comparison assert compares the contents of two files or the contents of one file against a File Content asset. You can specify several parameters to meet your comparison needs.

File Content Comparison Editor

SentryOne Test File Content Comparison Properties

Comparable File SourceSelect whether to compare a file to a File Content Asset or to another file.
Comparison FileThe file comparison's location if you selected to compare a file to a file. Otherwise, if using a File Content Asset, this can be left blank.
File Content AssetSelect the File Content Asset to compare your file to if you selected to use an asset to compare your file.
Ignore CaseSpecifies if the comparison ignores letter case.
Ignore Line EndingsSpecifies if the comparison ignores line endings.
TargetThe location of the file you want to compare.
Trim SpacesSpecifies if the comparison ignores spaces on the end of the file.

File Existence

SentryOne Test File ExistenceThe File Existence assert checks if a specified file exists.

File Existence Editor

SentryOne Test File Existence Properties

Determines whether the assert checks that the file exists, or checks that the file does not exist.
Target File Path
The location of the file you want to check.