Directory Actions

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

The Directory actions give you control over creating, moving, copying, and deleting directories that are used in developing tests.

Directory Copy

SentryOne Test Directory CopyThe Directory copy action copies one directory to another location. If the directory that's trying to be copied doesn't exist, the test fails.

Directory Copy Editor

SentryOne Test Directory Copy Properties

OverwriteEnables overwriting of directory contents at the target. If disabled, and you try to copy over existing content, the test fails.
SourceThe location of the directory you want to copy.
TargetThe location where you want to copy the directory.

Directory Create

SentryOne Test Directory CreateThe Directory Create action creates a directory at a user defined location.

Directory Create Editor

SentryOne Test Directory Create Properties

TargetThe location where you want to create the directory.

Directory Delete

SentryOne Test Directory DeleteThe Directory Delete action deletes the target directory. This action has recursive and strict options that can control the behavior of the test.

Directory Delete Editor

SentryOne Test Directory Delete Properties

RecursiveIf enabled, the element deletes all sub-directories and files. If disabled and the target directory has content, the test fails.
StrictIf enabled, and the target does not exist, the test fails. If disabled and the target does not exist, the test continues on as normal.
TargetLocation of directory you want to delete.

Directory Move

SentryOne Test Directory MoveThe Directory Move action moves a directory from one location to another. You can specify to overwrite a directory's contents if the target location already exists.

Directory Move Editor

SentryOne Test Directory Move Properties

OverwriteOverwrites the content of the target directory if it already exists.
SourceThe location of the folder to move.
TargetLocation where you want to move the source folder.

Load Directory Content

SentryOne Test Load Directory ContentThe Load Directory Content action loads the content of a directory into a grid. This can be useful for verifying that a list of files matches an expected set, or for use within data driven testing to allow a test to run for each file in a directory.

SentryOne Test Load Directory Content Element Editor

Directory ReferenceThis is the directory reference asset that stores the path to the directory to load. Select the arrow to choose the asset to use.
Resource keyThis is the resource key of the grid that's loaded.
Include files in sub-directoriesSelect this to load files in sub-directories as well as the selected path.
Wild cardThis is the wild card used to select files - it could be of the form '*.txt' or 'Report*.*'. For more complicated restrictions, use the filter.
Edit filterUse this button to edit the filter of files to load. For more information about filtering, see the filtering topic.