Data Management Asserts

EOL: SentryOne Test reached its end of life date on June 15, 2022. See the Solarwinds End of Life Policy for more information.

Data Management asserts allow for a quick and easy way to compare and validate data. These asserts can compare large amounts of data with one simple assert.

Dimension Validation

SentryOne Test Dimension Validation Properties

Dimension Validation StructureDefines the grid validation rules.
GridThe grid resource that's validated.

Grid Comparison

SentryOne Test Grid ComparisonThe Grid Comparison assert compares two grids, and expects both sides to be equal. You can specify different criteria for the comparison.

Grid Comparison Editor

SentryOne Test Grid Comparison Properties

Difference log maximum sizeThe maximum number of rows to send to the SentryOne Test Web Portal if the test group is configured to send results to the server.
Ignore aggregatesSpecifies whether to ignore aggregate comparisons.
Ignore different rowsSpecifies whether to ignore rows that differ.
Ignore expected-only rowsSpecifies whether to ignore rows only appearing in the expected grid.
Ignore actual-only rowsSpecifies whether to ignore rows only appearing in the actual grid.
Include equal rowsSpecifies if rows that match are sent to SentryOne Test. By default, only rows that differ or exist on only one side of the comparison are sent.
Expected results gridThe grid of expected results, the result set that we want our test to match. A previous action loads the grid to a specific resource key.
Comparison manifest assetThe comparison manifest asset that determines the items to compare.
Actual results gridThis is the grid of actual results, the result set that our test produced. A previous action should load the grid to a specific resource key.
Test output message row limitSpecifies the number of detail rows to include in the error message.

Grid Validation

SentryOne Test Grid ValidationThe Grid Validation assert is used with a Validation Manifest. The assertion uses the rules outlined in the Validation Manifest and runs the asserts to validate the grid.

Grid Validation Assertion Editor

SentryOne Test Grid Validation Properties

GridThe grid you want to run the validation against.
Grid Validation ManifestThe validation manifest containing the validation rules used in the assert.