SQL Sentry

Complete guides to SQL Sentry monitoring software (includes APS Sentry and DW Sentry).


Guides including release notes, system requirements, installation recommendations and instructions, onboarding, upgrading, and uninstalling SentryOne software (SQL Sentry).


Guides for SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) license management, architecture, security, maintenance, advanced configuration and setup, PowerShell, and more.

Getting Started

Guides to getting started with SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) including how to connect, monitor new targets, configure settings, actions, and notes.

SQL Sentry Portal

Guides to configuring and using the browser-based SQL Sentry Portal to view your SQL Sentry environment.

Client Application

Guides for using the SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) client, including the menus, toolbars, panes, client alerts, data grids, filters, preferences, hot keys, and more.


How to configure and use monitoring in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry). These guides cover the various monitoring settings, SMTP, virtual machines, performance monitoring, and more.

Using SQL Sentry

Guides for using SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) in relation to the Environment Health Overview, favorites, schedules and targets, contacts, groups, and more.

Performance Analysis

Guides for getting the most out of the performance analysis tabs in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry) including the dashboard, disk activity, top SQL, blocking, deadlocks, and more across various target types (i.e. SQL Server, VMware, Azure SQL DB, and more).


In-depth guides for all the event and calendar types, objects, sources, views, and event architecture in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry).


Complete guides to using conditions in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry).


Guides for all available actions and related settings and rulesets for SentryOne software (SQL Sentry).


Guides for available built-in reports, plus Tableau and Power BI reporting for SentryOne software (SQL Sentry).

Amazon Web Services

The SentryOne platform is available on the AWS Marketplace. These articles cover deploying the image, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) monitoring through SentryOne, getting started with the SentryOne platform solution on AWS, security guidelines, maintenance recommendations, and monitoring AWS RDS for SQL Server with SentryOne.