SentryOne Monitor Release Notes

Applies to: These release notes are for SentryOne Monitor. For SentryOne Portal and SQL Sentry products, see the SentryOne release notes.


Version 2020.21 [October 21, 2020]


  • Various code optimizations and security patches

Version 2020.20 [October 7, 2020]


  • Top SQL: Query History Chart: Show last plan represented on the Query History chart (ID 63380)
  • Top SQL: Display plan XML regardless of matching statements (ID 65426)
  • Top SQL: Plan XML should provide download of *.sqlplan rather than copy to clipboard (ID 65523)
  • Top SQL: Single-statement plan matching should consider children nodes (ID 65608)
  • Health: EHO for Sites/Groups (ID 63798)

Version 2020.17 [August 24, 2020]


  • Top SQL: Text Data: Show text data for both the Totals and Statements grids (ID 64388)
  • Navigation Restyling and Behavior Changes (ID 64568)
  • Navigation Hierarchy View With Sites and Groups (ID 64571)
  • Dashboards: SQL Server Memory Chart not rendering PLE line correctly (ID 65239)

Version 2020.15 [July 29, 2020]


  • Change Dashboard menu option from Filter to Zoom (ID 64896)
  • Add multi-chart range selection to Dashboard charts (ID 64885)
  • Disable Dashboard cloning option when no Custom Dashboards exist (ID 64707)
  • Resolved correlation error during SentryOne Monitor login (ID 62451)

Version 2020.5 [April 10, 2020]


  • Various bug fixes

Version 2020.2 [February 27, 2020]


  • Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Monitor GA 2019.9 [October 31, 2019]


  • SentryOne Monitor now supports Azure SQL DB monitoring and dashboards
  • New feature: Email alerts can be configured in SentryOne Monitor
  • Multi-user support: Additional users can be added to SentryOne Monitor using the Platform Security Portal
  • Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Monitor Preview 2019.4 [August 14, 2019]


  • Fix dashboard vertical and horizontal scrollbars (ID 56221)
  • Implement date context awareness for event log grid (ID 55432 )
  • Add time context to Dashboard and Top SQL (ID 53381)
  • Top SQL: Plan Diagram: Add Download XML Link (ID 54774)


  • Overview: Event grid not being filtered by score (55529)

Monitor Preview [July 30, 2019]



  • Top SQL: Statements Grid: Trace Events show no data (ID 52669)

  • Top SQL: Resources chart has frequent gaps (ID 53562) 

  • Fixed Events by Tag Wedget CPU label wrapping (ID 52764) 

  • Reduce Dashboard DTU Usage (ID 53581) 

  • Top SQL: No data shown in Statements grid (ID 53564) 

  • Events by Waits Time/Session not showing wedgets (ID 52753)

  • Lower default trace threshold (ID 53383) 

  • Client: Move Alerts (ID 53331) 

  • Client: Remove core-based option from Watch > Target menu (ID 53329) 

  • Client: Update desktop shortcut icon text (ID 53335) 

  • Client: Update install title (ID 53349) 

  • Auto-select Monitor connection when client is launched (ID 53343) 

  • Client: Remove save session prompt (ID 53332) 

  • Alerting Email: Wrong URL is displayed (ID 53266) 

  • Client: Enable include logins and hot names by default (ID 53268) 

  • Client: Remove target types that cannot be watched (ID 53262) 

  • Client: Hide Open button in watch status window (ID 53269) 

  • Client: Align instance name textbox in add target window (ID 53338) 

  • Managed SQL instance targets are not displayed in the Cloud Sync tab in the config client (ID 52750) 

  • On-Premises Configuration Client: Settings Pane: SMTP Server is not read-only in global settings (ID 52796)