SentryOne Monitor Release Notes

For more information on the additional steps SolarWinds is taking to improve our security posture and policies, please reference this blog by SolarWinds President and CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna.

Applies to: These release notes are for SentryOne Monitor. For SentryOne Portal and SQL Sentry products, see the SentryOne release notes.


Version 2020.21 [October 21, 2020]


  • Various code optimizations and security patches

Version 2020.20 [October 7, 2020]


  • Top SQL: Query History Chart: Show last plan represented on the Query History chart (ID 63380)
  • Top SQL: Display plan XML regardless of matching statements (ID 65426)
  • Top SQL: Plan XML should provide download of *.sqlplan rather than copy to clipboard (ID 65523)
  • Top SQL: Single-statement plan matching should consider children nodes (ID 65608)
  • Health: EHO for Sites/Groups (ID 63798)

Version 2020.17 [August 24, 2020]


  • Top SQL: Text Data: Show text data for both the Totals and Statements grids (ID 64388)
  • Navigation Restyling and Behavior Changes (ID 64568)
  • Navigation Hierarchy View With Sites and Groups (ID 64571)
  • Dashboards: SQL Server Memory Chart not rendering PLE line correctly (ID 65239)

Version 2020.15 [July 29, 2020]


  • Change Dashboard menu option from Filter to Zoom (ID 64896)
  • Add multi-chart range selection to Dashboard charts (ID 64885)
  • Disable Dashboard cloning option when no Custom Dashboards exist (ID 64707)
  • Resolved correlation error during SentryOne Monitor login (ID 62451)

Version 2020.5 [April 10, 2020]


  • Various bug fixes

Version 2020.2 [February 27, 2020]


  • Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Monitor GA 2019.9 [October 31, 2019]


  • SentryOne Monitor now supports Azure SQL DB monitoring and dashboards
  • New feature: Email alerts can be configured in SentryOne Monitor
  • Multi-user support: Additional users can be added to SentryOne Monitor using the Platform Security Portal
  • Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Monitor Preview 2019.4 [August 14, 2019]


  • Fix dashboard vertical and horizontal scrollbars (ID 56221)
  • Implement date context awareness for event log grid (ID 55432 )
  • Add time context to Dashboard and Top SQL (ID 53381)
  • Top SQL: Plan Diagram: Add Download XML Link (ID 54774)


  • Overview: Event grid not being filtered by score (55529)

Monitor Preview [July 30, 2019]



  • Top SQL: Statements Grid: Trace Events show no data (ID 52669)

  • Top SQL: Resources chart has frequent gaps (ID 53562) 

  • Fixed Events by Tag Wedget CPU label wrapping (ID 52764) 

  • Reduce Dashboard DTU Usage (ID 53581) 

  • Top SQL: No data shown in Statements grid (ID 53564) 

  • Events by Waits Time/Session not showing wedgets (ID 52753)

  • Lower default trace threshold (ID 53383) 

  • Client: Move Alerts (ID 53331) 

  • Client: Remove core-based option from Watch > Target menu (ID 53329) 

  • Client: Update desktop shortcut icon text (ID 53335) 

  • Client: Update install title (ID 53349) 

  • Auto-select Monitor connection when client is launched (ID 53343) 

  • Client: Remove save session prompt (ID 53332) 

  • Alerting Email: Wrong URL is displayed (ID 53266) 

  • Client: Enable include logins and hot names by default (ID 53268) 

  • Client: Remove target types that cannot be watched (ID 53262) 

  • Client: Hide Open button in watch status window (ID 53269) 

  • Client: Align instance name textbox in add target window (ID 53338) 

  • Managed SQL instance targets are not displayed in the Cloud Sync tab in the config client (ID 52750) 

  • On-Premises Configuration Client: Settings Pane: SMTP Server is not read-only in global settings (ID 52796)