SentryOne Monitor

Complete guides for SentryOne Monitor.


SentryOne Monitor Release Notes
Product fixes and new features list for SentryOne Monitor.
 Getting Started with SentryOne Monitor
A step-by-step guide to purchasing, installing, and configuring SentryOne Monitor.
Using SentryOne Monitor
Guide to using SentryOne Monitor where you can view server health information, performance dashboards, top SQL, and more, as well as manage custom dashboards.
Monitor Health
Guide to the health view in SentryOne Monitor.
Monitor Top SQL
Guide to using the Top SQL view in SentryOne Monitor.
Monitor Alerts
Guide to using Alerts and sending alert emails with Monitor.
Monitor Dashboards
Guide to using the dashboards in SentryOne Monitor, including details behind the chart performance metrics.
Monitor Custom Dashboards
How to create, clone, and delete custom dashboards, as well as configure widgets in SentryOne Monitor.