SentryOne Document Release Notes

Product Availability: SentryOne Document is currently in a Preview release status. Visit the SentryOne Document product page to learn more and take it for a test drive!


Version 2019.910 Preview Release [September 11, 2019]


  • Feature 46877: View lineage as a graph
  • Feature 55379: Add ability to cancel all tasks in a workflow
  • Feature 55799: Automatic license installation for the remote agent
  • Feature 55808: Ability to show command line to schedule a snapshot
  • Feature 55897: [Metadata] Ability to view metadata for a vertex within lineage
  • Feature 55898: [Endpoint Aliases] Ability to manage endpoint aliases for a solution
  • Feature 56574: Ability to jump to documentation from lineage
  • Feature 57078: [Lineage] Ability to search solution explorer

Version 2019.814 [August 16, 2019]


  • Feature 55805: Ability to show command line to schedule a snapshot
  • Feature 50482: Scale out support for Remote Agent reply list tracker
  • Feature 55999: Improvements to Documentation view layout for scrolling


  • Fix 56153: Clicking node icon in documentation table of contents does not highlight the whole selected item
  • Fix 55671: Buttons aren't styled correctly

Version 2019.730.1 [July 31, 2019]


  • Feature 54176: Documentation table of contents now shows topic icon for each node
  • Feature 55452: Solution Items action Icon Missing Tool Tip
  • Feature 55453: Hide hamburger menu on all grids by default
  • Feature 55672: Fix to allow log output dialog to grow big to better show more content


  • Fix 55335: Table of contents display can run out of space

Pilot [July 22, 2019]

  • Pilot version released