Database Mapper Licensing

Update: SentryOne Document is now SolarWinds Database Mapper (DMR). See the Database Mapper product page to learn more about features and licensing. Want to explore Database Mapper? An interactive demo environment is available without any signup requirements.

Database Mapper is licensed per data source. Database Mapper supports most Microsoft Data Platform sources, including the following items:

  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Power BI
  • Excel

Note:  For more information about the data sources you can monitor to generate documentation and the process to add those solution items, see the Solution Items article.

For information about the pricing options and available licensing options for Database Mapper, see the Database Mapper Product page

The Features available to you within Database Mapper are based on your license tier. The lists below display the license tiers available in Database Mapper, and their available Features.

Essentials Licensing

The following features are available for Essentials Licensing:

  • Database Documentation
  • Documentation Search
  • Exporting Documentation

Standard Licensing

The following features are available for Standard Licensing

  • Database Documentation
  • Documentation Search
  • Documentation History
  • Metadata Snapshot Comparison
  • Historical metadata snapshots
  • Data Dictionary
  • Exporting Documentation

Premium Licensing

The following features are available for Premium Licensing

  • Database Documentation
  • Documentation Search
  • Documentation History
  • Metadata Snapshot Comparison
  • Historical metadata snapshots
  • Data Dictionary
  • Impact Analysis
  • Data Lineage Analysis
  • Exporting Documentation

Activating your License

Important:  You do not need to activate a license if you are using the free evaluation trial for Database Mapper. 

Activate your SolarWinds Database Mapper Software product by completing the following steps:

SolarWinds License Manager

  1. Launch the SolarWinds License Manager (this was installed with the Database Mapper Software).SolarWinds License Manager from Windows Start Menu
  2. Select Activate from the Action column on the SolarWinds Database Mapper Software Evaluation row.SolarWinds License Manager with Activate Link for Database Mapper
  3. If you have internet access and your activation key from the SolarWinds Customer Portal, select the first option, enter your Activation Key (and proxy server information, if required), then select NextEnter Database Mapper license Activation Key
  4. Enter your contact information to register SolarWinds Database Mapper, then select Next.Register SolarWinds Database Mapper (email is required)
  5. Your SolarWinds Database Mapper Software is now licensed and activated, select Finish to return to the SolarWinds License Manager.
  6. Select Exit to close SolarWinds License Manager.

Success: Database Mapper is now ready to be launched through your browser.

Viewing your License Status

View the number of items you are currently documenting, and the number of remaining items you can document on the License Status page. Select the User Management button, then select License Status to open your License Status page.  

Database Mapper License Status page

Used Data Sources

The License status page displays the following information about your environment:

Data Source TypeThe type of data source that is consuming part of your Database Mapper license.
Data Source IdentifierThe identifier assigned to the selected Database Mapper data source.
Solution ItemsA list of solution items that are within the data source type.

Important:  Removing a solution item does not free license space if you have already generated documentation for the data source. To fully remove a data source from your license, you must delete the solution, and solution item for the desired data source to delete any existing documentation tied to that source.