SentryOne Document Getting Started

Download:  Visit the SentryOne Document product page to learn more about purchasing or to start a free trial. You can explore the product right now in our demo environment.


Cloud vs. Software

There are two versions of SentryOne Document:

  1. SentryOne Document (the cloud version at
  2. SentryOne Document Software (the on-premises, self-hosted version)

This article walks through the steps to getting started with both products and highlights the small differences along the way.

Summary of installation steps

  1. Install the SentryOne Document Software web client
    • Note:  Skip this step if you are using SentryOne Document
  2. Install & configure the SentryOne Document Remote Agent and Configuration Tool
  3. Activate your license(s) through the configuration tool
  4. Sign in to SentryOne Document at or your on-premises host server URL

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. Install SentryOne Document Software

See the Installing SentryOne Document Software article for a complete walk-through of installing the web client for your on-premises solution.

Note:  This article also guides you to the next steps to finish the setup for SentryOne Document Software.

Step 2. Install & configure the Remote Agent and Configuration Tool

You'll need to install the Remote Agent and Configuration Tool for both SentryOne Document and SentryOne Document Software. The remote agent is a service that processes the documentation workload, while the configuration tool allows you to configure new solutions, then upload them to SentryOne Document. It's also where you will activate the license(s) for your remote agent(s).

Follow the instructions in the Installing the SentryOne Document Remote Agent and Configuration Tool article to complete installation and configuration.

Step 3. Activate your license

Note:  You may have opted to complete this activation during a previous step. There's no need to do it again, unless you have additional licenses to activate or update.

Activate your license through the configuration tool by completing the following steps:

1. Select Start license manager to open the License manager. Remote Agent Configuration tool highlighting the Start Licensing Manager button.

2. Select Install a License to continue to the activation options.   License manager displaying S1 activation keys and their expiration dates, and highlighting the Install a license button.

3. Select Use an activation key or Activate manually without internet connection. In this example, we use an activation key.
Document License Manager highlighting the Use an activation key button.

4. Enter the activation key, then select Activate to activate the license.License manager with entered license and environment identifier and highlighting the Activate button with a green check mark.

Note:  A green check mark indicates that the entered license (activation key) is valid. The environment identifier is already included in the form by default. 

Success: Your remote agent license is now activated! License manager displaying a newly activated Document License.

Step 4. Sign in through your browser

Note:  If you're using SentryOne Document Software, you'll go to directly your custom URL as shown in the Installing SentryOne Document Software article and use the credentials needed for your domain.

After installing and configuring the remote agent, you can log into SentryOne Document by completing the following steps:

1. Open SentryOne Document at and select the Sign In To Get Started button.Document web browser homepage highlighting the Sign in To Get Started button.

2. Enter your SentryOne account username and password, and then select Log In.Log in with account displaying an email,, entered password, and highlighting the Log in button.

Note:  If you don't have a SentryOne username and password, select Create Account to make a new account.Log in page highlighting the Create Account link that's used to make a new account.

Additional Information: SentryOne Document users must be added to your organization as well as the license. For information about user management within SentryOne Document, see the Organization Settings article.

What's Next?

Now that you've signed in, you'll notice that things are a bit empty until you configure your first solution. Once you've got a solution configured, you're ready to generate documentation and explore the Solutions Dashboard.

Submitting Feedback

Once you've completed the process above and signed into SentryOne Document, you can use the smiley face icon along the top navigation bar to provide feedback about your experience:

Document tools bar highlighting the smiley faced feedback icon where you can leave feedback about Document.

You can use this as often as you need. We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our products!