Database Mapper Administration

Articles on scheduling documentation, remote agents, and connecting to Azure Data Factory.


Database Mapper Licensing Updated
Guide to licensing, license status, and data sources for Database Mapper.
Organization Settings Updated
Guide to using the Cloud Organization Settings to manage users and organizations for Monitor, Database Mapper, and Test.
Database Mapper User Permissions New
Guide to using user and group permissions with SolarWinds Database Mapper (cloud and on-premises software).
 Database Mapper Remote Agents Updated
Overview of the remote agent, as well as a guide to managing the remote agents and remote agent pools for Database Mapper.
 Database Mapper Scheduling a Snapshot Updated
How to schedule snapshots with Database Mapper.
Database Mapper Connect Azure Data Factory Updated
How to connect your application to Azure Data Factory to document an ADF instance with SolarWinds Database Mapper.
DOC xPress to Database Mapper Migration Updated
How to migrate your DOC xPress data to Database Mapper using the Import option.
Database Mapper Software IIS Bindings Updated
Guide to updating the IIS Bindings and site settings for Database Mapper Software.
Database Mapper Troubleshooting Updated
Guide to using log files and troubleshooting error messages in Database Mapper.