Popular Articles

  1. SQL Sentry Installation Recommendations

    Guide to recommended settings and configurations for installing components of the SQL Sentry architecture.
  2. Plan Explorer Installation & Overview

    Plan Explorer is a FREE lightweight .NET-based tool that builds upon and supplements the capabilities of SSMS for execution plan analysis.
  3. SQL Sentry System Requirements

    Guide to the minimum system requirements needed to install SQL Sentry software components. Included is SQL Sentry client, SQL Sentry monitoring service, portal, and the SQL Sentry database.
  4. Task Factory Release Notes

    Task Factory Release Notes for fixes and features.
  5.  SQL Sentry Installation

    Step-by-step instructions for installing all components of SQL Sentry.
  6.  Performance Analysis Top SQL

    In-depth look at the Top SQL query monitoring feature in SQL Sentry.
  7.  Installing Task Factory

    Installation instructions for Task Factory.
  8.  SQL Sentry Portal Configuration

    The on-premises SQL Sentry Portal provides browser-based access to SQL Sentry views, including Health, Dashboards, Top SQL, and Actions.
  9.  SQL Sentry Enhanced Platform Installer

    EPI allows the automation of upgrades and deployments of the SQL Sentry platform with a command line interface experience, minimizing the downtime required to update the monitoring solution.
  10. Upgrading SQL Sentry

    How to upgrade your SQL Sentry software installation using the unified upgrade method.