Popular Articles

  1. Installation Recommendations

    Guide to recommended settings and configurations for installing components of the SentryOne architecture.
  2. Plan Explorer Installation & Overview

    Plan Explorer is a FREE lightweight .NET-based tool that builds upon and supplements the capabilities of SSMS for execution plan analysis.
  3. System Requirements

    Guide to the minimum system requirements needed to install SentryOne software components. Included is SentryOne Client, SentryOne Monitoring service, and the SentryOne database.
  4. Performance Analysis Performance Metrics

    This article provides a directory various sample and historical performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview across the SentryOne platform.
  5. SQL Sentry Overview

    What is SQL Sentry? SQL Sentry is a highly capable and scalable platform for enterprise data performance management. It's used to monitor, diagnose, and optimize Microsoft SQL Server environments. SQL Sentry collects and retains historical da...
  6.  Installation

    Installing SentryOne for the first time, or updating your SentryOne version.
  7. Monitoring Service Settings

    This section goes over the SentryOne Monitoring Service, and Configuring settings for the SentryOne Monitoring Service.
  8. SQL Sentry Performance Metrics

    This article covers the various performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview, and how to interpret different metric values and combinations of values across different metrics for SQL Sentry.
  9.  Performance Analysis Dashboard

    Applies to: Some tabs and features may not be available to all products or target types. Please read further for more detail. Opening the Performance Analysis Dashboard The Performance Analysis Dashboard  can be opened by right-c...
  10.  Monitoring Additional Targets

    When a target is added with full access, the SentryOne monitoring service collects Windows level metrics and provides you with full access to a performance analysis.