Performance Analysis


 Performance Analysis Highlights
This article lists the main features of the varying tabs for SentryOne Performance Analysis.
 Performance Analysis Dashboard
Applies to: Some tabs and features may not be available to all products or target types. Please read further for more detail. Opening the Performance Analysis Dashboard The Performance Analysis Dashboard  can be opened by right-c...
 Performance Analysis Baselining
Applies to: SQL Sentry, Win Sentry, BI Sentry, V Sentry, and DB Sentry   Baselines are created and managed from the History  view of the Performance Analysis Dashboard .  There are two distinct baseline types available. ...
Performance Overview
Overview The Performance Overview provides the user with a summary of performance data for all watched  instances within a group  or site . Open the Performance Overview by right-clicking any Group  or Site  node in the...
SentryOne Performance Metrics
This article provides a directory various sample and historical performance metrics displayed by the Performance Analysis Dashboard and Performance Analysis Overview across the SentryOne platform.
Performance Analysis Dashboard Retention & Resolution
Applies to: SQL Sentry, Win Sentry, BI Sentry, V Sentry, DB Sentry, DW Sentry, and APS Sentry. Dashboard Resolutions The Performance Analysis  Dashboard displays metrics at different resolution levels, depending on the historical time ...