Organization Settings

Applies to the following cloud-based products:

  • SolarWinds Database Mapper
  • SentryOne Monitor
  • SentryOne Test


The Organization Settings page is applicable to the cloud-based products (Database Mapper, SentryOne Monitor, and SentryOne Test). It can be accessed at  

Organization Settings allows you to add new users to the organization so you can share the same Database Mapper, SentryOne Monitor, or SentryOne Test environment data, as well as assign user roles such as Admin.

Note:  The Admin user role in this context is only for the Organization Settings. This is not related to SQL Server or Windows administrator privileges. A user with the Admin role has the ability to manage users for the organization as described below in the Manage Users section.

User Profile

Change Password

Select the User Profile button in the upper right corner to change your password or log out of Organization Settings.

Manage Users


  • Only users with Admin as their Assigned Role can access the Manage Users screen and its features.
  • The first user added to the account (at the time of account creation) is assigned the Admin role.
  • If an organization has only one user, the user is assigned the Admin role by default. 
    • The admin privileges cannot be removed from this sole account, nor can the user be removed if it remains the only one.

Select Manage Users to continue. From the Manage Users screen, you can add, edit, or delete users.

Note:  Registered users are brought into the list of users by default. These legacy users may not have name information populated. That information can be edited as described below.

Add New Users

Note:  All users must have an account at to log into a SentryOne Cloud product.

  1. Select New User to add a new user to the organization.
  2. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email address for the user. 
  3. The Role is set to User by default. Use the drop-down menu to select Admin if necessary. 
  4. The default Status is Active, but may be switched to Inactive on this screen. Note:  Inactive is intended for situations when you need to temporarily disable users.
  5. Select Save to complete the process.

Note:  For Database Mapper and SentryOne Test, users must be added to both Organization Settings and the Activation Key in

  1. Log into, then go to the bottom of the page to the S1 TaskFactory/Workbench Licenses section.
  2. Select the Activation Key text for the Database Mapper or SentryOne Test license where you want to add a user.
  3. On the Manage License view, select View Contacts.
  4. Select Add Contact from the Contact Details view.
  5. On the Add Contact form, enter the matching Name and Email used in Organization Settings, then select Add.

Success: Your contact is now ready to use Database Mapper or SentryOne Test!

Edit Users

Use the  Edit button on the Manager Users screen to enter the user's detail screens and make changes as needed.

Delete Users

Use the Delete button on the Manager Users screen to delete the user from the organization. 

There will be a Delete user? popup to confirm that you want to delete the user and a User removed from the organization toast notification to confirm the change was successful.