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  4. Top SQL Runtime Stats

    Introduction The Top SQL Runtime Stats provides insight into the frequency and duration of the queries and procedures that are captured by Top SQL . Runtime Graphs Runtime Stats provides a visualization of collected runtimes for ...
  5. Installing the SentryOne Document Remote Agent and Configuration Tool

    How to install the SentryOne Document Remote Agent and Configuration Tool for cloud or on-premises.
  6. SentryOne Document Troubleshooting

    Remote Agents Trouble installing remote agents If you are having trouble installing the SentryOne Document Remote Agent, enter the following command in the command prompt: C:\Users\<Username>\Downloads>
  7. DOC xPress to SentryOne Document Migration

    How to migrate your DOC xPress data to SentryOne Document using the Import option.
  8. SentryOne Document Configuring Solutions Updated

    While this step isn't required before signing in, you'll want to configure a solution first so you'll have something to see once you log into SentryOne Document. Configuring Your First Solution After installing the SentryO...
  9. Installing SentryOne Document Software

    How to install the self-hosted version of SentryOne Document Software.
  10. Enabling Task Factory on Azure-SSIS IR in ADF

    How to install Task Factory on Azure-SSIS Integrated Runtime in Azure Data Factory, as well as create your data factory and deploy and execute packages.