New Articles

  1. BI xPress Auditing Framework

    Guide to using the Auditing Framework to track the activity for SSIS packages and get auditing information from SSIS package executions, such as errors and warnings.
  2. BI xPress Getting Started

    Overview of BI xPress and a guide to the steps to getting started with Workbench and BI xPress.
  3. BI xPress System Requirements Updated

    System requirements for installing and using BI xPress.
  4. BI xPress Best Practices Analyzer

    Guide to using the Best Practices Analyzer to inspect SSIS packages and display recommendations based on best practices.
  5. BI xPress Config Tools

    How to use the Config Editor to open existing configurations from XML files or SQL Table, and the Config Manager to create secure configurations and add or edit configuration values.
  6. Installing BI xPress Updated

    Instructions for installing BI xPress as well as Always On Availability Group considerations, and enabling the Visual Studio Integration add-on.
  7. BI xPress SSIS Catalog Import

    How to import native performance & execution data from an SSIS catalog to the auditing database for packages that do not have the auditing framework (to view execution data).
  8. BI xPress Monitoring

    Complete guide to using the monitoring and report monitoring consoles, and their related dashboard reports.
  9. Workbench Path Language

    A guide to using Workbench Path Language across multiple SentryOne products including BI xPress and DOC xPress. Articles includes syntax and examples.
  10. Monitor Custom Dashboards

    How to create, clone, and delete custom dashboards, as well as configure widgets in SentryOne Monitor.