New Articles

  1. Enhanced FCI New

    Overview of the Enhanced FCI feature with update 2021.12. This article covers Enhanced FCI features, procedures, licensing, and adding new FCI targets.
  2. DBA xPress Data Inspector

    Guide to using Data Inspector, including creating scenarios, loading data sources, setting comparison options, comparing data, choosing synchronization data, creating action plans, and synchronizing.
  3. DBA xPress Data Space Analyzer

    Guide to using Data Space Analyzer in DBA xPress display graphs about disk space usage.
  4. DBA xPress Data Surf

    Guide to Data Surf in DBA xPress, including how to create and navigate data surfs, view data in a table to see how that data relates to other tables, and export customized graphs.
  5. DBA xPress Schema Object Browser

    Guide to using the Object Browser in DBA xPress. Includes how to open and navigate the object browser, create and use filter trees, and match elements.
  6. DBA xPress Release Notes

    Release notes for SentryOne DBA xPress.
  7. DBA xPress Installation

    Step-by-step instructions for installing and updating DBA xPress (a free tool from SolarWinds).
  8. DBA xPress System Requirements

    Full system requirements (hardware, software, and permissions) for DBA xPress.
  9. Database Mapper SSRS

    Guide to adding an SSRS solution item (data source) to your Database Mapper solutions.
  10. Task Factory Connection Managers

    Instructions for adding Task Factory Connection Managers in Visual Studio.