New Articles

  1. BI xPress Server Getting Started

    How to get started with installing and configuring BI xPress Server.
  2. BI xPress Server Release Notes

    Release notes for BI xPress Server.
  3. BI xPress Server Features

    Complete guide to using BI xPress features, including: Auditing Framework, Command Line, Notification Engine, SSIS Dashboards, SSIS/SSRS Monitoring, and the System Dashboard.
  4. Forecasting

    How to configure and use the storage forecasting features in SentryOne.
  5. Installing SentryOne

    Guide to installing SentryOne SQL Sentry monitoring software.
  6. Document/DOC xPress Connect ADF

    How to connect your application to Azure Data Factory to document an ADF instance with SentryOne Document or DOC xPress.
  7. SentryOne Portal Configuration Updated

    The on-premises SentryOne Portal provides browser-based access to SentryOne views, including Health, Dashboards, Top SQL, and Actions.
  8. BI xPress MDX Calculation Builder

    Guide to creating complex MDX calculations from several available MDX templates quickly (with no manual coding).
  9. Installing BI xPress

    Instructions for installing BI xPress as well as Always On Availability Group considerations, and enabling the Visual Studio Integration add-on.
  10. BI xPress Expressions

    How to add and edit user-defined expressions, view all of the expressions and configurations within an SSIS package, and manage pre-written expressions for later use.