New Articles

  1. BI xPress Getting Started New

    Overview of BI xPress and a guide to the steps to getting started with Workbench and BI xPress.
  2. BI xPress SSIS Catalog Import New

    How to import native performance & execution data from an SSIS catalog to the auditing database for packages that do not have the auditing framework (to view execution data).
  3. BI xPress Snippet Wizard New

    How to use templates to quickly add script tasks to a package control flow, and standardize scripting among teams of developers by sharing scripts through the script wizard.
  4. BI xPress Report Mover New

    How to move SSRS reports from one server to another using Report Mover in BI xPress.
  5. BI xPress Package Tools New

    Guide to using the SSIS Package tools in BI xPress (Package Deployment Wizard, Package Builder (including SSIS templates), and Package Sorter).
  6. BI xPress Notifications New

    How to create notification event handlers on events such as OnError, OnWarning, OnSuccess, and OnComplete for any SSIS packages.
  7. BI xPress Monitoring New

    Complete guide to using the monitoring and report monitoring consoles, and their related dashboard reports.
  8. BI xPress MDX Calculation Builder New

    Guide to creating complex MDX calculations from several available MDX templates quickly (with no manual coding).
  9. BI xPress Expressions New

    How to add and edit user-defined expressions, view all of the expressions and configurations within an SSIS package, and manage pre-written expressions for later use.
  10. BI xPress Data Generation New

    How to use Data Generation to automatically generate valid data for a given schema, handle foreign key integrity for generated data, configure the volume of data, and more.