How to configure and use monitoring in SentryOne software (SQL Sentry). These guides cover the various monitoring settings, SMTP, virtual machines, performance monitoring, and more.


 Monitoring Service Settings
This section goes over the SentryOne Monitoring Service, and Configuring settings for the SentryOne Monitoring Service.
Monitoring Service SMTP Configuration
This section goes over SMTP server configuration for your SentryOne environment.
 Site Configuration
This section goes over Site Configuration in your SentryOne environment.
Inventory View
This section goes over the inventory view in your SentryOne environment.
Actions Log
This section details the Actions log and Actions log settings.
System Status
This section details the System status screen.
Virtual Machine Support
This section details Hyper-V support in your SentryOne environment.
Performance Monitoring
SentryOne's performance monitoring features clearly illustrate how individual events and combinations of events are impacting server resources. SentryOne lets you link any Windows performance counter directly to an individual active event object, or to groups of event objects on different servers that utilize the same network resources with Custom Event Views