Monitor Health

The Health view is the default view when opening SentryOne Monitor. This screen displays wedgets for Alerts by Severity and Alerts by Tag on the default view for All Servers.

All Servers View

The All Servers view is displayed by default. As indicated in the name, this view is showing the overall health, and 10 most recent alerts for all monitored targets in your environment.

In the example below, the Alerts by Severity wedget is displaying 2 critical and 186 high severity alerts. In the Alerts table (now sorted by Severity ), you can see 2 alerts with a severity of critical, and 3 rows of high alerts (183, 2, and 1) totaling 186. This is how the number in the color-coded alert is calculated.

Note:  Selecting the blue hyperlinked target name on the left provides an option to switch to the Health, Dashboard, or Top SQL view for that target.


Select the (chevron-right icon) to the right of the count to display the individual details about each logged alert:

All SQL Servers View

Select All SQL Servers from the sidebar to display the overall health view for all SQL Servers in your monitored environment.

Alerts by Severity

A table of alerts is below the targets.

Note:  Select the (chevron-up icon) on the right to collapse the Targets grid.

Alerts by Tag

Wait Time / Session

All Windows Servers View

Select All Windows Servers from the sidebar to view the overall health view for all Windows targets in your monitored environment.

Target View

Select a target from the sidebar to see the details for that specific target.

Related Targets

As seen in the image above, there is a list of Related Targets (3 SQL Servers and 1 Windows Server in this example). When there are multiple instances on a SQL Server, they will be listed as a related target, as will the Windows Server where the SQL Server is installed.