The menus and toolbars are used to operate the SentryOne client. The options available within the menus vary depending on the active window. For more information about the toolbars, see the Toolbars topic.

The following are descriptions of the commands found in the various SentryOne menus.

File Menu

SentryOne File Menu

New Targetn/aAdds a new target to the Navigator pane.
New Plan Explorer Sessionn/aOpens a new Plan Explorer session.
Openn/aOpens execution plan files.
Connect to an Installationn/aSpecifies the SentryOne database and authentication information for the client.
SaveCtrl+SSaves changes to the active window.
Save Asn/aRenames and saves the active view.
Save View Asn/aRenames and saves the existing view. 
CloseCtrl+WCloses the active window.
Export DataCtrl+EExports event list views and various tabs of performance analysis.
Page Setupn/aSets the page options for printing.
Printn/aPrints the active window.
Print Previewn/aPreviews the active window for printing, exporting, and send email options.
Recent Filesn/aDisplays a list of recently opened Plan Explorer files.
ExitCtrl+QExits the SentryOne client.

View Menu

SentryOne View Menu

NavigatorViews the Navigator pane.
Event ViewViews the Event View pane.
Plan HistoryViews the Plan History pane.
ConditionsViews the Conditions pane.
SettingsViews the Settings pane.
Start PageViews the Start Page.

Calendar Menu

SentryOne Calendar Menu

Show ConflictsExplores conflicts for specified time ranges.
View StyleSelects the view style for the event calendar.

Reports Menu

For more information about the reporting options in SentryOne, see the Reporting topic.

SentryOne Reports Menu

EventsEvent calendar associated reports.
Performance AnalysisPerformance Analysis associated reports.
GeneralGeneral reports.
Report Deployment SettingsSQL Server report server location that deploys your reports.
Deploy ReportsDeploys the reports to the location specified in the Report Deployment settings.
Import ReportsImports future reports created by the SentryOne development team.

Tools Menu

SentryOne Tools Menu

User PreferencesCtrl+OSets the SentryOne client User Preferences.
Find ObjectCtrl+FObject search tool that finds event objects within the SentryOne client.
Manage Response Rulesetsn/aOpens all response rulesets for editing.
Reset Event View Filtern/aRestores event view filter settings to default.
Reset Layoutn/aRestores the layout to default.
Download Latest Custom Conditions Packn/aDownloads the latest custom condition pack from SentryOne.
Unsnooze Alln/aAllows all snoozed SentryOne actions to occur again.
Run On-boarding Wizard (requires client restart)n/aAccess the setup wizard.

Window Menu

SentryOne Window Menu

CascadeCascades active windows in the workspace view.
Tile VerticalTiles active windows vertically in the workspace view.
Tile HorizontalTiles active windows horizontally in the workspace view.
TabbedDisplays active windows on tabs in the workspace view.
Show Tabs on Multiple LinesDisplays multiple rows of tabs.
Auto-rotate Performance Advisor TabsAuto-rotates through the active performance analysis windows when enabled. The rotation doesn't change the active tab of a performance analysis window. Whichever tab is selected as active refreshes as the windows rotate.  
Active Windows NameAll the active windows are listed here.

Help Menu

SentryOne Help Menu

SentryOne HelpCtrl+H or F1Opens the SentryOne user documentation.
Check for Updatesn/aConnects with SentryOne's online database and verifies that you have the latest version.
Manage Licensesn/aOpens the license entry window where you can view and manage SentryOne licenses. Postn/aCreates a post on
Start Remote Support Sessionn/aEnters a pin and launches a support session.
Loggingn/aOptions to enable trace logging for the SentryOne client and monitoring service for troubleshooting purposes. Contact SentryOne Support before you enable logging. Logs are stored in the interactive user's AppData\Local\SentryOne directory.
Aboutn/aDisplays current version, licensing information, and expiration.