Inventory View

The Inventory view allows you to see the watched status of any target within your environment. Access the Inventory view by double-clicking the Inventory node in the Navigator pane (Navigator > Configuration > Inventory).

SentryOne select Inventory in the Navigator pane

In the Inventory view, you can drag the column header to the top to group by that column. Other options are available in the context menu for the column headers for grouping, sorting, filtering etc.

SentryOne Inventory View Sort Ascending context menu option

Note:  Once applied, the filter is shown at the bottom of the pane.

SentryOne Inventory View Watch status

SiteThe management site is maintained through the Site Configuration screen, or through the Navigator pane drag and drop functionality. Sites represent a logical grouping of targets, instances, and monitoring services within your SentryOne environment.
Monitoring ServiceA specific SentryOne monitoring service by machine name.
NameThe name of a specific target.

Targets may be: 

  • SQL Server 
  • Analysis services 
  • Windows APS appliance
  • VMware Hosts
  • Azure SQL DB  
  • SQL DW
  • Hyper-V Hosts
  • The flags indicate whether the target is currently being watched by SentryOne. 
  • A check mark indicates that the target is currently being watched. 
SentryOne Inventory View Watched instance
Watched Instance example
  • An empty check box indicates that the target is not being watched.
SentryOne Inventory View Unwatched instance
Unwatched Instance example

Important:  If you'd like to reclaim a license, select on the checkbox to stop watching that target. That license can then be applied to another target as needed.


Use the Inventory view to quickly see how the licenses within your environment are distributed.