SQL Sentry Hot Key List

The following are the hot keys that are available in SQL Sentry:

HelpF1 or Ctrl + HOpens the User Guide.
SaveCtrl + SSaves changes made in the client.
CloseCtrl + WCloses the active tab in the client.
ExitCtrl + QCloses the client.
User PreferencesCtrl + OOpens User Preferences.
PrintCtrl + POpens the Print window.
Find ObjectCtrl + FOpens the Event Object Search window.
Tab ScrollCtrl + TabScrolls through open tabs in the client.
Select AllCtrl + ASelects all items in the window (where applicable).
CopyCtrl + CCopies selected items to the clipboard (where applicable).
PasteCtrl + VPastes items from the clipboard (where applicable).
Add Note
On note dialog:

- New

- Save

- Delete

- Close

Ctrl + Alt + N
On note dialog:

- Ctrl + N

- Ctrl + S

- Ctrl + D

- Ctrl + C

Opens the notes interface when an applicable object is selected.
On note dialog:

- Opens new note.

- Saves note.

- Deletes note.

- Closes note dialog.

History List (one day)Ctrl + Alt + HOpens the History List view for one day when an applicable object is selected.