Getting Started with Database Mapper


Database Mapper Release Notes Updated
Release notes for SolarWinds Database Mapper.
Database Mapper Third-Party Software List
Database Mapper 2021.18 Legal Notices This software distribution contains some components that require license terms be distributed with the software. This software includes code and libraries from: Component License and Notices Identi...
Database Mapper System Requirements
System requirements as well as technology-specific permissions needed for Database Mapper.
 Database Mapper Getting Started
Instructions for installing, configuring, and activating a license for the remote agent, configuring a solution, and logging into Database Mapper.
Installing Database Mapper Software
How to install and upgrade the self-hosted version of SolarWinds Database Mapper Software.
Database Mapper Configuration Utility Updated
Prerequisites Before installing Database Mapper Software, ensure your credentials and machine(s) meet the System Requirements as well as the security and additional requirements listed below. Additional Requirements Chrome and Microsoft Edge...
 Installing the Database Mapper Remote Agent and Configuration Tool Updated
How to install the Database Mapper Remote Agent and Configuration Tool for cloud or on-premises.
 Database Mapper Configuring Solutions Updated
Guide to configuring solutions in Database Mapper.